Best Book for Geography Optional UPSC: Paper 1 and 2 (Direct Link to Buy) 📖

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Best Book for Geography Optional

Almost every competitive exam includes a big portion of the subject of geography. In UPSC too, geography plays a very important role for both the preliminary and main exams It is a comprehensive subject that includes all domains and deals with the spatial relationships that exist between people, places, and the earth. This is the most scoring optional that also assists with general studies papers, provided the topic is approached correctly. Selecting geography as an optional subject has helped many applicants pass the UPSC Mains exam. Candidates for the IAS who have chosen geography as an optional subject should go through this list of the best book for geography optional to ease their preparation.

Best Book for Geography Optional are readily available for candidates’ reference, both online and offline, and translated versions of the same are also available. The UPSC Best Book for Geography Optional Paper 1 are mentioned in the table below:

Best Book for Geography Optional Paper 1

UPSC geography optional paper 1 includes physical geography and human geography. These topics are like the foundation pillar of understanding geography. Students must be very cautious in picking up the right resources for this particular topic. To help you with the same, we have mentioned below the list of UPSC Best Books for Geography Optional Paper-1:

Book TitleAuthorLink
A Geography of IndiaGopal SinghBuy Now
Agriculture GeographyMajid HusainBuy Now
Certificate in Physical and Human GeographyGoh Cheng LeongBuy Now
Economic and Commercial Geography of IndiaC.B. MamoriaBuy Now
Economic and Commercial Geography of IndiaSharma & CoutinhoBuy Now
Environmental AwarenessR.C.ChandnaBuy Now
Environmental GeographySavinder SinghBuy Now

Best Book for Geography Optional Paper 2

The Geography optional paper 2 consists of the following topics climate, vegetation, natural resources, population, and settlements. It is best to select your resources while you are making your study plan. To help you with the same below we have provided a list of recommended books for Geography Optional Paper-II preparation:

Book TitleAuthor(s)Link
Environmental GeographySaxenaBuy Now
Geography of IndiaMajid HusainBuy Now
Geography of PopulationR.C.ChandnaBuy Now
Oxford School AtlasOxfordBuy Now
Modern Political Geography of IndiaB.L. SukhwalBuy Now
Regional Planning in IndiaChand and PuriBuy Now
Urbanization and Urban Systems in IndiaR. RamachandranBuy Now

Step-by-Step Strategy to Prepare for Geography Optional

Based on past year trends, approximately 4,000 UPSC candidates choose to take geography as an optional subject for the UPSC Mains examination. Approximately 30% of the over 10,000 applicants who are chosen to take the UPSC Civil Services Exam each year choose geography as their optional subject for the UPSC Mains. Thus it is a very scoring optional if your strategy is right. Below we have mentioned the step-by-step approach to preparing geography optional holistically.

StepsHow to Prepare for Geography UPSC?
Understand the SyllabusMemorize the syllabus and divide it into Paper I and Paper II sections.
Study from 2-3 SourcesUse standard reference books and coaching material for each topic.
Take Topic-specific TestsAfter studying a topic, take tests focusing specifically on that topic.
Refine Class NotesAdd additional information to your class notes rather than creating new ones for each topic.
Practice Drawing MapsPractice drawing regional and thematic maps for both Paper I and Paper II topics.
Integrate Examples in AnswersUse examples from one paper in the other while writing answers to enrich your responses.
Focus on a Section for Paper IChoose either Physical Geography or Human Geography and focus on it for Paper I.
Prepare Bullet Point Notes for Paper IIMake concise notes for frequently repeated topics in Paper II and prepare region-wise maps of India.
Revise Multiple TimesRevise the topics multiple times to strengthen your understanding.
Solve Mock TestsPractice solving mock tests and previous year papers under timed conditions.
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Which book is best for UPSC optional Indian geography?

“Certificate Physical and Human Geography” by Goh Cheng Leong is highly recommended for Indian Geography. It covers topics comprehensively.

Is geography is best optional for UPSC?

Geography is considered a good optional subject for UPSC due to its logical and static nature. It has a defined syllabus and is scoring if well-prepared.

Which source is best for geography UPSC?

NCERT textbooks from classes 6 to 12 provide a solid foundation. Additionally, reference books like “Geography of India” by Majid Husain and “Oxford School Atlas” are helpful

Which magazine is best for UPSC Geography optional?

Magazines like “Geography and You” provide insightful articles, case studies, and maps relevant to UPSC Geography optional preparation.

This was all about the “Best Book for Geography Optional”. For more such informative blogs, check out our UPSC Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page.

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