Factors of 7: Sum, Negative Factors and Factor Pairs 

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Factors of 7

The Factors of a numeral are those numbers through which when the number is divided, leaves no remainder. Surprisingly, 7 just has two Factors. Wondering why? That is because 7 is a Prime number and Prime numbers do not have more than two Factors. To learn about the two Factors of 7, this blog has all the answers for you, so read on! You will also get to learn about the sum of the factors of 7, the Factors of Negative 7 and the Factor Pairs! 

What are the Factors of 7?

A Factor of a number divides evenly into that number with no remainder. When you look at 7, the only two numbers that meet this condition are 1 and 7 itself.

  • 7 / 1 = 7 (no remainder)
  • 7 / 7 = 1 (no remainder)

Moreover, as 7 only has two factors, it is classified as a Prime number in mathematics. Therefore, Prime numbers have exactly two factors which are 1 and themselves.

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What is the Sum of the Factors of 7?

The Sum of the Factors of 7 can be discovered by adding all the factors. If we add up the Factors of 7 

1 + 7 = 8

Thus, the Sum of the Factors of 7 is 8. 

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What are the Factors of Negative 7?

Negative numbers are the same way as positive numbers when it comes to factors. The factors of -7 are also 1 and -7

  • -7 ÷ 1 = -7 (no remainder)
  • -7 ÷ -7 = 1 (no remainder)

Important note: While finding factors, you usually need to focus on positive factors by convention. But remember, negative factors also exist as long as they are divided evenly into the number.

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What are the Factor Pairs of 7?

Factor pairs are two numbers that, when multiplied together, result in the original number. Additionally, as you can consider negative factors as well, 7 has two additional factor pairs to the ones mentioned earlier.

  • Positive factor pair: (1, 7)
  • Negative factor pair: (-1, -7)

Both (1 x 7) and (-1 x -7) equal 7. Thus, when considering both positive and negative factors, 7 has a total of two Factor pairs.

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