Factors of 8: Negatives, Odd and Even, Pairs, Factor Tree and more! 

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A factor of a number is any integer that divides evenly into that number. When a division leaves no remainder it means that the divisor is a Factor of the dividend. Furthermore, Factors of 8 help with solving difficult mathematical problems that you might face. Additionally, in this blog, you will also learn about the Factors of 8, their Odd and Even Factors, Factor Pairs, Factor Tree and the Factors of 8 by Division Method. 

What are the Factors of 8?

Moreover, the Factors of 8 are all the integers that divide 8 with no remainder. Here is the list of Factors for 8:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 4
  • 8

As you can notice, there are four Factors of 8. Notably, 1 is special and is a Factor of every number.

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What is the Factor of Negative 8?

The factors we discussed above are positive factors of 8. However, Factors can also be negative integers as long as the division results in a whole number and there is no remainder. Therefore, the Negative Factors of 8 are:

  • -1
  • -2
  • -4
  • -8

Hence, if you include both Positive and Negative Factors then 8 has a total of eight factors.

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What are the Odd and Even Factors of 8?

Furthermore, Even numbers are divisible by 2, while Odd numbers are not. Thus, looking at the Factors of 8, you can see that:

Odd and Even Factors of 8
Odd Factors of 8Even Factors of 8
12, 4, 8

Here, we have only one Odd factor (1) and three Even factors (2, 4, and 8).

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What are the Factor Pairs of 8?

A factor pair of a number is a combination of two factors that, when multiplied, give the original number. For 8, the factor pairs are:

  • (1, 8)
  • (2, 4)

Each factor pair represents a way to divide 8 into two whole numbers.

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What is the Factor tree of 8?

A Factor tree is a diagram used to find the Prime Factors of a number by continuously dividing it into its Prime factors. Here is the Factor tree for 8:


  / \

 2  4

     / \

   2   2

Starting with 8, it can be divided into 2 and 4. Then, 4 can be further divided into 2 and 2. All the branches terminate at Prime numbers, which are the Factors of 8: 2 x 2 x 2.

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Factors of 8 by Division Method

Moreover, another method to find the Factors of 8 is via the Division Method:

  • Start with the number 1 and try dividing 8 by 1. Since 8/1 = 8 with no remainder, 1 is a factor.
  • Move on to the next integer which is 2. Divide 8 by 2 (8/2). You get 4 with no remainder, so 2 is another factor.
  • Continue dividing 8 by increasing integers (3, 4, 5, etc.). If the division results in a whole number with no remainder, you have found another factor.
  • In this case, you will find that 4 is also a factor of 8 (8/4 = 2).
  • Any number greater than 4 will not be divided evenly into 8, so you have reached the end of the positive factors.

Thus, by following the Division method, you would have identified 1, 2, 4, and 8 as the factors of 8, which matches the results you got earlier.

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