Area of Rectangle: Formula and Example 

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Area of Rectangle Formula and Examples

Imagine your teacher giving you the instructions to get a Rectangular red piece of paper for a maths lesson in school. During the maths lesson, your teacher asks you to measure the sides of the red Rectangle. Now, you will measure the Rectangle’s horizontal(longer) and vertical(shorter) sides. However, the teacher asks what is the entire Area of the Rectangle now that you know the measurement of the sides. In this blog, you will learn how to find the Area of the Rectangle along with the Formula to Calculate the Area of the Rectangle and an Example. 

What is the Formula to Calculate Area of a Rectangle?

To Calculate the Area of the Rectangle that you just measured horizontally and vertically you need to know the Formula which is:

Area = Length (l) ✕ Breadth (b)

Hence, the Length is the longer sides of the Rectangle 

Whereas, the Breadth is the shorter sides of the Rectangle

Getting back to the measurements of the red Rectangular piece of paper which are:

Length = 20 cms

Breadth = 10 cms 

Formula and Diagram to Calculate the Area of the Rectangle

Now you need to apply the Formula and get the answer:

Length ✕ Breadth

= 20 cms ✕ 10 cms

= 200 cms2

Thus, the Area of the Rectangle is 200 cms2

Do Remember! Breadth is also known as Width. 

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Example of Area of Rectangle 

Suppose you want to put a white carpet in your room, the length of your room is 15 feet and the breadth of your room is 10 feet. Now you need to find the Area of your Rectangular room. So you apply the Formula,

Area of your rectangular room = length of your room ✕ breadth of your room

The length of your room = 15 feet

The breadth of your room = 10 feet

So, 15 ✕ 12

= 180 square feet 

Thus, you would need a white carpet which is 180 square feet. 

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