Factors of 1 to 25

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Factors of 1 to 25

Did you know there are different ways to take out factors of each number? Some of these methods are taking out the highest common factor (HCF), lowest common factor (LCM), and grouping method. Factorization is one of the most important parts of elementary education and hence it is imperative to learn about it thoroughly. Go through the following to know about Factors of 1 to 20. 

Factors of 2Factors of 3
Factors of 4Factors of 5
Factors of 6Factors of 7
Factors of 8Factors of 9
Factors of 10Factors of 11
Factors of 12Factors of 13
Factors of 14Factors of 15
Factors of 16Factors of 17
Factors of 18Factors of 19
Factors of 20Factors of 21
Factors of 22Factors of 23
Factors of 24Factors of 25

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