EWC Scholarship 2023

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EWC Scholarship

EWC Scholarship: The best solution to reduce the financial strain is to apply for scholarships. It gives students the freedom to pursue their educational objectives without being constrained by money. When considering whether to study abroad, scholarships are very important.

One of the various scholarships available to students to assist them in finishing their Master’s and PhD programmes is the EWC scholarship. Let’s examine all of its requirements.

Name of the ScholarshipEWC Scholarship
CountryUnited States of America
Name of the University University of Hawaii, US
DegreeMasters/ P.hD
Duration2 Years
Eligible CountriesInternational

What is EWC Scholarship 2023?

For students interested in pursuing doctoral or master’s degree programmes at a university in the USA, the EWC Scholarship 2023 USA is a wonderful opportunity. Graduate students can enrol in the East-West Centre Program. The objective is to build a culturally diverse community that is dedicated to bringing about positive change in the world. To achieve their educational aim of collaborating with one another in order to ensure both international collaboration and financial stability.

Students from all over the world are urged to apply for the East-West Centre’s Scholarship programme. Also, they will be able to take part in scholarships in the USA, which are likewise intended to develop strong leaders by integrating students with a variety of academic interests.

The University of Hawaii in the USA is a partner institution for the EWC Scholarship 2023. Scholarships enable students to develop a sense of community with people from many nations, cultures, and economic, social, and political perspectives. By enabling young minds to form an alliance of like-minded individuals who want to take part in team-building activities, cultural exchange programmes, educationally rich congregations, community services, and leadership development initiatives, the EWC Scholarship in the USA aims to make a positive change in the Asia-Pacific community.

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Awards of EWC Scholarship 2023

EWC Scholarship 2023 is a fully funded scholarship designed for international students to pursue postgraduate and post-doctoral studies. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

  • One of the best features of the EWC scholarship is that the complete tuition fee will be covered during the study programme.
  • The scholarship will cover accommodations for participants will be provided in the East-West centre hall.
  • A stipend will be given to the candidates for books, supplies, and office equipment.
  • Health insurance coverage will be offered.
  • Food-related costs and incidentals will all be covered as well.

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Eligibility Criteria of EWC Scholarship

Students have to meet certain criteria to apply for EWC Graduate Fellowship 2023-2024.

  • The applicant must be of American, Pacific, South East Asian, South Asian, or East Asian descent.
  • The applicant must hold a four-year degree equivalent to a US institution or university.
  • The applicant’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for the graduate or postgraduate degree programme must be 3.00 out of a possible 4.00.

Eligible Countries

Let’s now take a look at the eligible countries:

  • United States of America
  • Pacific Region- Australia, American Samoa, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island, Cook Island, Tokelau and Futuna Islands.
  • South Asia- Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Iran, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  • East Asia- Macau, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Russia and Taiwan.
  • South East Asia- Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Application Procedure

  • The students are required to submit their applications online. 
  • Students must give all personal information like name, address, date of birth, country of birth and religion.
  • Students are required to all other information asked at each stage of the application.
  • All academic information/qualification details must be submitted.
  • Filling up of application form must be done before the deadline.

Required Documents

In order to apply for the EWC scholarship 2023, the following documents must be submitted by applicants:

  • English language proficiency tests scores like IELTS or TOEFL are required.
  • Application acknowledgement letter from the University of Hawaii.
  • Transcript of academic records or last records.
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Passport
  • Resume

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for EWC Scholarship Program is 1st December 2023.

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Q1. What is EWC Scholarship 2023 in USA?

Ans. A fully funded scholarship for international students pursuing postgraduate degree programmes, the EWC Graduate Fellowship 2023 in the USA

Q2. What is the duration of the EWC Scholarship 2023?

Ans. The Duration of the scholarship is 2 years.

Q3. Can students from India apply for the EWC scholarship?

Ans. Yes, students from India are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Applying for a scholarship is one of the best ways to ease the burden of finances, which is the most important concern for many students. Students who are willing to study abroad must be aware of the scholarships available to help their finances.

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