What is the full form of GSB?

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The full form of GSB is Granular-sub-base. It is the main layer that bears the load of the pavement or road. GS is commonly used in the construction sector. GSB plays the pivotal role in maintaining the longevity, durability and stability of the roads and pavements. GSB is either the unbound granules or cement bound granules. It is important that the engineers use a good quality sub base to ensure stable construction. Thus, GSB is the fundamental element that contributes to the strong foundation of the building. 

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GSB Full Form

As you now know the full form of GSB, it is a fact that in the realm of civil engineering, the solid foundation of any road or pavement or any other construction project depends upon the Granular sub base. This is because the strength is ensured by using good quality concrete GSB.

GSB is the compact layer spread beneath the main pavement or any concrete structure. It not only supports the entire structure but also provides strength, stability, and support to the outermost layer.

GSB distributes the entire load so as to avoid the situation of structural failures and breakage. 

The GSB is composed of mixtures of gravel, crushed stones, sand along with optimal grading requirements so that the structure, or roads could perform well in terms of strength.

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Key Functions of GSB

Mentioned below are the key functions of GSB:

  • It is the main load distribution factor in the construction sector.
  • GSB regulates moisture by preventing the seepage of water into further sub-grades.
  • It improves the bearing capacity of the roads and pavement and prevents deformation due to load.
  • GSB prevents the roads and structures from frost damage. 

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