What is the Full Form of RAM?

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full form of ram

The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory. RAM can be defined as the short-term memory of a computer where the data that is currently being processed, or that the processor is currently using, is stored. A computer is able to fast access information/data that is stored on RAM memory than data on a hard disk, long-term storage devices, or SSD. This is why it’s said that the capacity of RAM is critical for the performance of the system. Furthermore, RAM is actually one of the fundamental components of computing. You will find that every computing device will have RAM. This includes a laptop, computer, smartphone, or even IoT devices. 

Types of RAM 

There are several types of RAM. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below. 

  1. SRAM – Static random access memory
  2. DRAM – Dynamic random access memory 
  3. FPM DRAM – Fast page mode dynamic random access memory 
  4. EDO DRAM – Extended data-out dynamic random access memory
  5. SDRAM – Synchronous dynamic random access memory
  6. DDR SDRAM – Double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM
  7. RDRAM – Rambus dynamic random access memory 
  8. MPDRAM – Multiport dynamic random access memory 

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Different Amounts of RAM 

It is to note that the higher amount of RAM one has, the higher the performance. There are certain uses for a certain amount of RAM. So how does one day what is the appropriate amount of RAM for them? Mentioned below are different amounts of RAM, which can be applied to either the operating system or computer hardware, or both. 

Amount of RAM Uses 
4GB of RAM Normal Web Browsing
Student assignments
Simple and Basic App Usage 
8GB of RAM For light gaming, 
Office work, and 
Heavy multitasking 
16GB of RAM For normal gaming, 
Work of programmers, and 
Light video editing 
32GB of RAMFor Heavy Gaming and Video Editing, 
Professional programming, and
Hardcore design 

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