World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF): Objective, History and More

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World Wide Fund for Nature

World Wide Fund for Nature is a multilateral organization that works for the preservation and conservation of wildlife. This non-profit organization was established in the year 1961 and supports more than 1,000 projects across the globe. Undoubtedly, it is an important topic in the environmental section to be covered during UPSC exam preparation.

What is World Wide Fund For Nature?

The full form of WWF is World Wide Fund For Nature. This organization is dedicated to protect wildlife including endangered animals and aquatic species protection. WWF works with more than 100 nations to achieve their objectives. The main objective of WWF is to protect food resources, freshwater, deforestation prevention and promote blue ocean economy sustainability. 

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Quick Facts About WWF

  • The headquarters of WWF for Nature is in Gland, Switzerland
  • WWF was founded in the year 1961.
  • On 27 November 1969, a charitable trust was established with “WWF India” name.
  • Earlier, the WWF for Nature was known as World Wildlife Fund.
  • It works majorly in 6 areas, such as Wildlife, Climate, Food, Forests, Freshwater, and Oceans.

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World Wide Fund For Nature India

The India wing of this multilateral organization is working in various sectors of the country to protect the jungles and wildlife. Below, we have mentioned a few priority species for which this organization works

  1. Bengal Tiger
  2. Asian Elephant
  3. Indian One-horned Rhino
  4. Ganges River Dolphin or Gangaye Dolphin
  5. Snow Leopard
  6. Red panda 


What is WWF for Nature?

The world wide fund for nature is also known as WWF or World Wildlife Fund. It was founded in the year 1961. It works to protect the environment and wildlife species.

According to WWF India, What are the priority species in India?

According to the officially announced info, the WWF India is working to protect several animals in India but their Bengal Tiger, Ganga Dolphin, Asian Elephant, Snow leopard, Red Panda, and Indian One-Horned Rhino are in the priority list.

Who is the current president of WWF?

Adil Najam is the current president of World Wide Fund.

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