What is the Full Form of MLC?

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full form of MLC

The full form of MLC is Member of Legislative Council. The legislative council of a state is also known as Vidhan Parishad. The legislative council of any form in India is the upper house of the state legislature. The members are partially recommended and partially voted in by the respective bodies. Local bodies that opt for Legislative Council members are municipalities, governors, teachers, members of the legislative assembly and graduates. 

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What is the Working Period of MLC?

Legislative Council representative has a working period of six years. However, every two years, one-third of the total number of the Vidhan Parishad departs. The member of the legislative council is chosen on the basis of voting in a roundabout way by the proportional representation system.

The states that are currently in the legislative council are as follows:

  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Bihar
  • Uttar Pradesh 
  • Karnataka
  • Maharashtra
  • Andhra Pradesh 
  • Telangana

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What are the powers of MLC?

The following are the powers of the MLC:

  • Legislative powers  – They can present or introduce an ordinary or non-money bill. It would still require the approval of both houses to be converted into a law 
  • Financial powers – The authorities of the legislative council are slightly lesser in terms of financial powers. The council has the liberty to make a particular suggestion about the money bill introduced by the legislative assembly
  • Executive Powers – The legislative council has few commands over the state ministry enabling it to seek additional questions from the ministers

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