What is the Full Form of PS?

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Full Form of PS

The full form of PS or P.S. is Postscript. This word is derived from the Latin term ‘postscriptum’. The literal translation of this word is “written after”. Standing true to its literal meaning, PS is always included at the end of a letter or email. In handwritten letters, a postscript is added to the back of the letter. In electronic letters or emails, it is added at the bottom. Authors also use P.S. in their books/novels to either convey a message to a loved one or connect with her/their/his readers. 

Why is PS Used?

Given below are the key purposes of using a postscript:

  • To indicate to the reader additional information that is not included in the text body of the printed or written means of communication.
  • To analyse if your letter or email needs to be redrafted. If your postscript exceeds two sentences, you might reevaluate your letter or email as you are not able to convey your message effectively in these write-ups.

Places where Postscript is Used

PS is added to the following means of written and printed communication:

  • Books/Novels
  • Essays
  • Personal letters
  • Formal letters and applications
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Websites
  • Emails

Tips to add Postscript

Here are some useful tips for the proper use of PS:

  • Keep your message crisp and impactful.
  • Format your postscript accurately. You can either use PS if writing in UK English or P.S. if writing in US English. 
  • Do not use a comma after PS or P.S. 
  • Make proper use of punctuation.
  • Include a postscript after signing your name.
  • Always skip a line after your signature to add a postscript.
  • Do not use PS in all letters or emails. Use only if necessary.

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