What is the Full Form of QR?

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full form of QR

The full form of QR is Quick Response Code. It is a brand name or a form of 2D bar code based on a dot matrix. Denso Wave, a Japanese automaker, devised or developed it in Japan in 1994 to trace the growth of automobiles. It later gained popularity outside of the automotive industry due to its simple readability and enormous storage capacity when compared to regular UPC barcodes.

  • A QR code is represented as a square grid of black squares with white backgrounds.
  • An imaging instrument, such as a smartphone with a camera, a telescope, a QR reader, and so on, can be interpreted vertically and horizontally.
  • We can say it’s an optical label that can be read by machines and provides information about the object, entity, or product to which it’s attached.
  • When the code is scanned, the imaging device converts the dots into a string of letters or numbers.
  • When you scan a QR code with your smartphone, it may open a URL on your phone’s web browser.
  • The QR codes have a square shape, which controls the orientation and distinguishes each one.
  • There is no chance that the two QR codes could be the same.

Benefits of QR Code

  • Over traditional UPCs, the QR code has two very significant advantages.
  • A QR code can hold a lot more data than a one-dimensional UPC since it is a two-dimensional UPC rather than a one-dimensional UPC.
  • Scanning a QR code from a phone is easy and quick, but scanning a classic UPC is more challenging.
  • It has also made it feasible to use your smartphone’s QR code as an event pass, cinema boarding card, or airline boarding pass.

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