Paika Rebellion Was Organized By Whom?

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Paika rebellion organized by

The Paikas (Pronunciation Paiko) means foot soldier. In the 16th century, this group of military retainers was appointed by Orissa kings. They were hired to render their martial services and in return, they used to get rent-free land also known as Nish-kar Jagirs along with several other titles.  However, with the arrival of British rule, there have been changes in the system. For instance, some of them lost their lands, and on the other hand, some of them lost land revenue settlements. Therefore, the Paika Revolt was organized by Bakshi Jagabandhu. Let us get to know more about the Paika Rebellion was organized by whom

Paika Rebellion

The Paika Rebellion is also known as Paika Bidroha. This rebellion was against the East India Company and Gajayi rulers of Odisha. 

Rebellion LeaderBakshi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar Mohapatra Bharamarbar Rai
Date of RebellionApril 2, 1817
CauseJoined the uprising of the Kondhs against the British
SupportPaikas were supported by rajas, zamindars, village heads, and ordinary peasants
Spread of RebellionQuickly spread to different parts of the province
Actions Taken– Government buildings in Banapur set on fire – Policemen killed – The British treasury looted
Suppression EffortsOverpowered by the British army
Leader’s FateImprisoned in 1825 and died in jail four years later

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Outcome Of The Rebellion

The people involved in this rebellion were either hanged to death or sentenced to life imprisonment along with the one who organized Paika Rebellion. 

Lord Jagannath of Orissa was considered to be the peacemaker of the rebellion. However, this rebellion did not get enough attention as the Revolt of 1957 which is also one of the horrible incidents in Indian history against British rule. 

Paika Rebellion Memorial

The Union Ministry of Culture will soon build the Paika Rebellion Memorial over ten acres of land. The place will be near Brunei Hills. The former President of India, Ramnath Kovind, declared building the memorial on 7th December 2019. 

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