What is the Full Form of PB?

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The full form of PB is Personal Best. It is widely used in social media to refer to an individual’s highest achievement or best performance in a particular activity. It can be anything ranging from academics to sports and other personal achievements. However, this short form can have different meanings depending on the context of the conversation. Let’s explore them in detail. 

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What is the Full Form of PB in Medical?

In the medical field, the full form of PB is Peripheral Blood. It refers to the fluid which flows through your heart, arteries, veins, and capillaries. The primary function of peripheral blood is to transport oxygen and essential nutrients to your cells and tissues. Moreover, it also removes carbon dioxide along with other waste products from your body.  

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What is the Full Form of PB in Finance?

The full form of PB in the finance sector is Price to book value. It is widely used by investors at large to compare the market capitalization of a particular firm to its overall book value and thus, determine the undervalued companies. This ratio is calculated using a simple formula that divides the current stock price of a company per share by its book value per share (BVPS).

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What is the Full Form of PB in Chemistry?

The acronym PB does not have any full form in chemistry. Instead, it is the symbol of Lead, a chemical element with atomic number 82.

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