What is the Full Form of INTERPOL?

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Interpol full form

INTERPOL Full Form: INTERPOL is an inter-governmental organisation and its full form is International Criminal Police Organisation. They have 195 member countries, and they work with police in all of them to make the globe a safer place.

To accomplish this, they provide them with the ability to share and access data about crimes and criminals, as well as a variety of technical and operational support.

INTERPOL: Overview

With 195 member countries, Interpol is the world’s largest international police organisation. 

  • It was founded in 1923 to facilitate cross-border police collaboration and to support and assist all organisations, agencies, and services with the objective of preventing or combating international crime. 
  • Interpol’s mission is to enhance international police cooperation even when diplomatic contacts between countries are not present. 
  • Action is conducted within the framework of current legislation in various nations and in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The constitution of Interpol forbids ‘any interference or actions of a political, military, religious, or racial character.’

Structure of INTERPOL

According to the Interpol Constitution, the organisation is divided into the following administrative divisions:

  1. General Assembly – The General Assembly of Interpol is in charge of making all major decisions about Interpol’s working methods, policies, budgets, resources, and other operations and programmes.
  1. General Secretariat – This Interpol organ operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  1. Executive Committee– The General Assembly appoints this committee of 13 members, which includes: A President, three Vice Presidents, and nine delegates from four distinct regions
  1. National Central Bureaus – Each Interpol member country has a National Central Bureau manned by local law enforcement. The NCB serves as the primary point of contact for the General Secretariat, regional offices, and other member countries in need of assistance with abroad investigations and the capture of fugitives.

The General Assembly and the Executive Committee manage the organisation.


INTERPOL Notices are international requests for cooperation or alerts that enable law enforcement in member nations to share important crime-related information.

Red Notice To seek the location/arrest of a person wanted by a judicial jurisdiction or an international tribunal with a view to his/her extradition.
Green Notice To warn about a person’s criminal activities if that person is considered to be a possible threat to public safety.
Blue Notice To locate, identify or obtain information on a person of interest in a criminal investigation.
Yellow Notice To locate a missing person or to identify a person unable to identify himself/herself.
Black Notice To seek information on unidentified bodies.
Orange Notice To warn of an event, a person, an object or a process representing an imminent threat and danger to persons or property.
Purple Notice To provide information on modus operandi, procedures, objects, devices, or hiding places used by criminals.
Interpol – UNSC Special Notice To inform Interpol’s members that an individual or an entity is subject to UN sanctions.

INTERPOL and India

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been renamed the National Central Bureau of India (NCBI).

The United Nations, International Criminal Tribunals, and the International Criminal Court can also utilise notices to find people wanted for crimes committed within their jurisdiction, including as genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

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