Partition of Bengal was Cancelled in Which Year?

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partition of Bengal was cancelled in which year

In 1911, Lord Hardinge annulled the decision of Bengal’s partition. It was done to celebrate the coronation of King V. Moreover, the opposition against British India increased in the face of increasing nationalism in Bengal and surrounding areas. The protests increased by the Britishers were meant to anticipate the Muslims to form their nation. Furthermore, post the annulation, the capital of British India shifted from Kolkata to Delhi. In this blog, let us know the partition of Bengal was cancelled in which year.

Why was Bengal Dividing?

Under the British Raj, in 1905, Bengal witnessed territorial rearrangements. The Hindu-dominated area of the west and Muslim-dominated areas of the east were divided. It was a decision by Lord Curzon, erstwhile Viceroy of India on July 16, and it was supposed to be implemented from October 16 of the same year. 

Nationalists at that time considered it as a deliberate attempt to divide Bengal on religious terms. Since the British had control of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa, it was becoming quite hard for them to manage all the states altogether. So making a whole new nation for Muslims with Dhaka as the capital will have different professions, trades, and rural life sounded easy for them.

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Effects of Division

  • Political turmoil throughout the nation was one of the side effects of Curzon’s decision. The split was seen as an insult to the motherland by the Bengalis.
  • West Bengal, if separated would have become a minority linguistic group in their state which is why they opposed it even more.
  •  Some of the Muslim Bengalis were in favour of this division because it would give them the advantage of language, and cultural supremacy in a state. 
  • The idea behind the division was to undermine the national spirit of nationalists in the name of state split. 
  • On the day of the partition, the day of sorrow was organized to show the opposition against the decision. People began boycotting the British Raj since then. 

Annulment of Partition

It was pretty much evident by this time that the whole nation was against the British Raj and they wanted them to leave. Therefore in 1911, it was pronounced unlawful. The present Bihar and Orissa were combined to create one Bengal at that time. King George V announced the incorporation of Eastern Bengal into the Bengal Presidency.

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