23 Interesting Facts About Punjab- The Wheat Bowl of India

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Facts About Punjab

The state of Punjab is located in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent. Its present form was established on November 1, 1996, when its Hindi-speaking regions were separated to form a new state, Haryana. Moreover, Punjab is famous for its festivals, delicious food, upbeat music, rich culture, and the Golden Temple, located in Amritsar. Did you know that phulkari, which translates to flower work, is the traditional embroidery art of Punjab? Here are other interesting facts about Punjab you must know before visiting this Indian state. 

Amazing Fun Facts About Punjab

1. The word Punjab comes from the Persian word panj (five) and aab (water).

2. Punjab means the land of five rivers which are Beas, Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, and Sutlej. Out of these rivers, Chenab and Jhelum flow in the Punjab situated in Pakistan. 

3. In 1966, the Punjab Reorganisation Act carved out Himachal Pradesh and Haryana from Punjab. 

4. Punjab is divided into three regions, Majha, Doaba, and Malwa.

5. Agriculture holds primary importance in Punjab’s economy. 

6. Punjab contributes about two-thirds of the total food grain production in India. It also provides a third of milk production. 

7. These rivers make Punjab’s soil fertile and conducive for wheat cultivation. This is why it is also known as the Wheat Bowl of India. 

8. According to the World Book of Records, the Golden Temple in Amritsar is the most visited tourist place in the world. 

9. Amritsar’s Golden Temple runs a free and massive community kitchen, known as langar, every day to feed thousands of people.

10. Earlier, Punjab was known as Trigarta. It was a kingdom mentioned in the ancient Hindu scripture Mahabharata

11. Punjabi is the official language of this state and the tenth most commonly spoken language in the world. 

12. There are 23 districts and 237 towns in Punjab. 

13. Researchers found traces of the Indus Valley Civilization with cities like Harappa and Mohenjodaro now located in the modern-day Pakistani province of Punjab. 

14. The High Court of Punjab and Haryana is a common one for Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh.

15. India attained the Attari village upon its partition whereas Wagah merged into Pakistan. A unique ceremony, known as the Silly Walk ceremony, takes place every day two hours before sunset on the Wagah-Attari border every day.  

16. Chandigarh, a union territory of India, serves as the capital of Punjab and Haryana. 

17. The major faiths and beliefs practised in Punjab include Sikhism, Hinduism, and Islam. 

18. Punjabi cinema is known as Pollywood. 

19. Lohri, Baisakhi, and Diwali are some of the most popular festivals observed in Punjab. 

20. Gatka is a Sikh Martial Art which originated in Punjab. It is often performed during Sikh festivals and events. 

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Facts About the Geography of Punjab

1. The total area of Punjab is 50,362 kilometres. 

2. Its average elevation is 300 meters above sea level. 

3. Punjab is bounded by Pakistan on the west, Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Himachal Pradesh on the northeast, and Haryana and Rajasthan on the south. 


What is the interesting fact of Punjab?

An interesting fact about the state of Punjab is that it is the state of five rivers, Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab, and Jhelum.

What is unique in Punjab?

One unique fact about Punjab is that in 1966, the Punjab Reorganisation Act carved out Himachal Pradesh and Haryana from Punjab. 

What is famous about Punjab?

Punjab is famous for its Golden Temple, festivals like Baisakhi, and Gatka, and delicious food. 

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