The Second Battle Of Panipat Was Fought Between____?

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second Battle of Panipat that was fought between

In the chapter on the history of India, majorly three Battles of Panipat were fought on the plains of Panipat, present-day a town in Haryana.  The Second Battle of Panipat was fought on November 5, 1556, between the forces of the Mughal Empire and the army of Samrat Hemchandra Vikramaditya. The war took place because each side wanted the region of the Northern power centre of India i.e. Delhi. In this blog, let us further get information about the second battle of Panipat that was fought between whom.

The Players On The Field

  • The Mughal Emperor Akbar: Led by Emperor Akbar, the Mughal Empire was a formidable force in the Indian Subcontinent during the 16th century. With a well-trained army and strategical techniques, the Mughals proved to be a challenge and a threat to any other armies. The commander generals were Bairam Khan and Ali Quli Khan Shaibani.
  • Hemu: On the other side of the battlefield was the Hindu ruler Samrat Hemchandra Vikramaditya aka Hemu. He was a strong force and a powerful military commander as at the time of the battle, Hemu was the king of Delhi in 1556. Hemu had already defeated the father of Akbar, Humayun and reclaimed the lost territory.

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The Second Battle of Panipat

  • The Mughal Forces were equipped with advanced artillery and weaponry along with trained soldiers. They faced off against Hemu’s army who relied on traditional tactics of war and cavalry units.
  • Hemu was leading from the front at the battle, mounted a spirited resistance against the Mughal onslaught but was eventually captured and killed as an arrow struck in his eye.
  • The Mughal victory at Panipat solidified Akbar’s position as a formidable ruler and laid the foundation for the expansion of the Mughal Empire in India.
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