What is the Full Form of VLSI?

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The VLSI full form is Very Large Scale Integration. Prior to the creation of the integration technology most circuits could only perform a limited range of functions. A circuit could only include RAM, ROM, and other glue logic. The introduction of VLSI resulted in the incorporation of millions of transistors into one chip. It created integrated circuits. VLSI has enabled IC designers to incorporate several chips and circuits into a single mini-silicon chip. In other words, a microprocessor is a VLSI computer. It was introduced in the 1970s with the development of complex semiconductor and communication techniques.

VLSI Design Flow

The VLSI design flow includes a numbering system for various design levels. The blocks represent various stages of the design flow.

  • Specifications provide details regarding the digital IC circuit. It includes an abstract description of the architecture, functionality, and interface. 
  • Next, create a behavioral description to examine the design functionality, following up on the predetermined standards, and its performance level. The RTL description is mimicked to test the RTL functionality.  To move forward EDA tools need to be used.
  • The usage of the logic synthesis tools can change the RTL description to a gate-level netlist. The Gate-level netlist symbolizes the circuit in terms of connections and gates.
  • Finally, the design flow process ends with the making of the physical layout. The physical layout is checked before it is sent for manufacturing purposes.

Benefits of the VLSI

The benefits of the VLSI are as follows:

  • The VLSI technology has resulted in the creation of small-sized circuits
  • Device effectiveness resulting in cost-effectiveness 
  • Efficiency when it comes to the circuit speed
  • Compared to separate components it has a low power requirement
  • Reliable hardware that requires less room. Thus, encouraging miniaturization.

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