What is the Full Form of GMAT?

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GMAT Full Form

The full form of GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test. This is the common examination test for business schools to assess the potential candidate’s skills. Majorly, it is evaluated for the study of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), but sometimes other similar courses also come with requirements of GAMT examination. This exam is similar to certain other university-level examinations like the GRE. Students with grand ambitions of opening their own business someday in the future can benefit from this examination. 

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Eligibility for GMAT

The eligibility criteria for clearing the GMAT examination are as follows:- 

  • Nationality: Open to all, but a passport is required as ID.
  • Student Status: Undergraduate, final year of graduation, or working professional.
  • Age Limit: No upper limit, but a permission letter is required for those under 18.
  • Exam Attempts: Maximum of 8 attempts overall, 5 attempts within 12 months.

Pattern of GMAT

Below are the patterns for the GMAT Examination for the year 2024. 

GMAT Focus Edition SectionNumber of QuestionsTimeGMAT Focus Edition Score Range
Quantitative Reasoning (QR)21 Questions45 Minutes60-90 (1-point Increment)
Verbal Reasoning (VR)23 Questions45 Minutes60-90 (1-point Increment)
Data Insights (DI)20 Questions45 Minutes60-90 (1-point Increment)
Total64 Questions2 Hours + 15 Minutes205-805 (10-point Increment)
Breaks1 Optional Break of 10 Minutes

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Syllabus of GMAT

The focus of the GMAT examination is divided into two parts majorly- verbal reasoning and quantitative aptitude. Moreover, these topics have further divisions mentioned below. 

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This is everything about the full form of the GMAT. For more such information visit our GMAT archives. If you want to read and know about more full forms like this then you can visit our full form list page. You can get a consolidated list of 300+ full forms here! Enjoy reading!

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