What is the Full Form of FRS? 

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frs full form

The full form of FRS is Fellow of the Royal Society. The Royal Society of London’s Fellows bestows this honour on people who have “substantially contributed to the improvement of natural knowledge, including mathematics, engineering science, and medical science.

Selection of New Fellows 

Candidates in the physical and biological sciences may receive up to 18 Fellowships, and candidates in the applied sciences, humanities, and joint physical and biological sciences may get up to 10 Fellowships. There is a further cap of six “Honorary,” “General,” or “Royal” Fellows. Sectional Committees, each of which has at least 12 members and a chair (all of whom are Fellows of the Royal Society), peer-review nominations for fellowship. To reduce in-group bias, the 10 Sectional Committees rotate their membership every three years. 

Admission of New Fellows 

At a formal admissions day ceremony held each year in July,[45] new Fellows are welcomed into the Society and are required to sign the Charter Book and the Obligation, which states:  “We who have hereunto subscribed, do hereby promise, that we will endeavour to promote the good of the Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge, and to pursue the ends for which the same was founded; that we will carry out, as far as we are able, those actions requested of us in the name of the Council; and that we will observe the Statutes and Standing Orders of the said Society. Provided that, whensoever any of us shall signify to the President under our hands, that we desire to withdraw from the Society, we shall be free from this Obligation for the future”.

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