What is the Full Form of BPL?

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The full form of BPL is below the poverty line. The Indian government has established certain criteria and standards under which it can ascertain the economic classes and units that are below the poverty line. The government provides the people in these lower-income communities with urgent assistance. The government has also put in place an income limit for this. The individuals with earnings that fall below the mentioned limit are considered to be BPL. According to a survey, almost 25% to 30% of the Indian population falls under BPL.

BPL through the Years

Here is the history of BPL and how it evolved over the years

  • A minimum amount of expenditure that is necessary to live was proposed in 1962 by the task force of the planning commission. It was decided at INR 20 per person in rural areas, and INR 25 per person in urban areas. However, this was with the exception of healthcare and schooling that was provided by the state government.
  • Later in the year 1970s, these criteria were modified and the daily minimum income was posed at INR 49.1 and INR 56.7 for rural and urban areas, respectively.
  • In 1993, the definition of the aggregate poverty line was split into state level and national level. Under this, the poverty line for each state was specified separately.
  • Eventually, the rate of the poverty line prevalent in rural India reached INR 972 in 2012. Similarly, it has reached INR 1,407 in urban India. 

Criteria defining BPL

Following parameters are used to define BPL

  • Food Security
  • House type
  • Consumer durables
  • Infant status
  • Landholding
  • Literacy status
  • Clothes, etc.
  • Sanitary conditions

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