What is the Full Form of KPI? 

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kpi full form

The full form of KPI is a key performance indicator. The KPI is considered a business metric, which can be measured to showcase the effectiveness of a company at achieving the different types of business goals as well as objectives. Depending on the nature and primary goals of the company, a business owner can use numerous KPIs to determine the overall success of their business at completing the targets. 

In short, KPIs can be considered numerous sets of measures that can support the objectives of the company while also helping the business owners focus their efforts towards the right direction. High-level KPIs are capable of monitoring the performance of the organization. On the other hand, low-level KPIs can focus on the other parts of the business such as support, HR, marketing, sales, etc. 

What are the Different Types of KPIs?

Apart from the KPI full form, this is another important piece of information you need to know. The different types of KPIs are:

  • Input KPIs: These will measure the investment such as resources, assets, or other types of money-generated results. 
  • Process KPIs: These can measure the productivity of efficiency of the overall process of the business such as the time taken to complete an order delivery. When an order is delivered in less time, the performance will be higher. 
  • Output KPIs: It will measure both the nonfinancial and financial outputs of your business activities as well as the complete processes such as the total generated revenue, the total number of new admissions, the number of subscribers, etc. 
  • Lagging KPIs: The lagging KPIs will come in handy if you want to determine the failure or success of any event. The financial KPIs will measure past outputs. The indicators you receive will determine the guidance as per the future results. 
  • Leading KPIs: This specific KPI is extremely effective at measuring the progress of the specific activities that might affect the overall future performance of your business. 

This is everything you need to know about KPI full form. Make sure you follow our page to know more. 

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