23 Interesting Facts About Chemistry

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Chemistry is the fascinating science of matter and its interactions are full of intriguing facts that usually are different from our everyday experiences. Did you know that hot water can freeze faster than cold water? This phenomenon is known as the Mpemba effect and was documented by a high school student! This was one Interesting Fact about Chemistry, read on to learn some more facts!

Facts about Chemistry

Furthermore, here are some Facts about Chemistry! 

  1. Gold, copper, and cesium are the only metals on the periodic table that are not silvery in colour.
  1. Water expands as it freezes, which is why ice floats and why frozen pipes burst!
  1. Hydrofluoric acid, even though known as a weak acid, is extremely corrosive and can even dissolve glass.
  1. While red is the most common blood colour, some creatures have unique blood due to different oxygen-carrying molecules. For example, some animals have blue blood thanks to a copper-based protein.
  1. The human body has about 200 grams of salt, which is needed for nerve transmission and muscle contraction.
  1. Astatine is the rarest naturally occurring element in the Earth’s crust. There are only about 28 grams of astatine to exist at any one time, hence making it very difficult to study​. 
  1. Interestingly, there are many elements named after scientists and places, such as einsteinium after Albert Einstein, curium after Marie Curie, and californium after California​.
  1. Furthermore, DNA, the molecule that has our genetic information is non-flammable! 
  1. You can die from drinking too much water!
  1. Some elements like actinium, radon, and radium glow in the dark due to their radioactive properties!
  1. Glass is not quite a solid, but it is not a liquid either. Instead, it is known as an amorphous solid. This means the molecules in glass are arranged randomly, like a liquid, but they move incredibly slowly, giving glass its rigid form. That is why your window pane can stay in place for centuries, even though its molecules are technically in very slow motion!
  1. Helium is much lighter than air. This difference in density creates a buoyant force that allows balloons filled with helium to float.
  1. At room temperature, there are only two elements that exist in a liquid state, bromine and mercury.
  1. Adding salt to a full glass of water will not cause it to overflow. Surprisingly, the water level might even decline slightly.
  1. Additionally, diamond and graphite both are forms of pure carbon! 
  1. Lightning is a natural source for creating Ozone in the upper atmosphere.
  1. Dihydrogen Monoxide is water’s chemical composition (H2O)! 
  1. Our human body has enough carbon to make enough graphite for almost a thousand pencils! 
  1. Moreover, wasp stings are neutral on the pH scale whereas, bee stings have an acidic venom. 
  1. The fiery kick of chilli peppers comes from a molecule known as capsaicin. This molecule triggers a burning sensation when it interacts with receptors in mammals, including us humans. However, birds lack these specific receptors! 
  1. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water! By the time you feel parched, your body has already lost around 1% of its water.
  1. There are so many hydrogen atoms in your body that are likely from the Big Bang which was some 13.8 billion years ago! 

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