What is the Full Form of ACC?

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acc full form

ACC full form is Associated Cement Companies. As is mentioned in the name, this is a company that manufactures ready-to-mix cement and concretes in India. It is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, having a chain vast enough to operate with over 50000 dealer networks. The former name of ACC was Associated Cement Company Limited. Its headquarters, which is located in Mumbai, is known as Cement House. 

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Moreover, ACC has close to 60 ready-mixed concrete plants and 17 state-of-the-art cement factories. Recently, in August 2022, Mr Sridhar Balakrishnan is appointed as the MD & CEO of ACC Limited. 

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Vision and Purpose of ACC 

Every company has a set vision that it prides itself on. This vision speaks of its purpose, which further identifies the company’s role and activities. The vision and purpose of ACC are mentioned below. 

Vision – It is to be recognised as one of the most reputed companies in India that are known for delivering and challenging conventions, making sure the promises they make are completed. 

Purpose – It is to act as a driving force that is able to create a confident future for the people, customers, shareholders and the entire nation. 

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Key Products of ACC 

The key products are the prominent products that ACC deals in. These are listed below. 

  1. Bulk Cement 
  2. Ready Mixed Concrete
  3. Portland cement
  4. Ready Mixed Concrete VAP or Value Added Products
  5. Premium Cement

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