What is ACS Full Form?

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ACS ful form

The ACS full form is the American Chemical Society which is the largest scientific society in the world and the leading source of reliable scientific information. The organization is the forefront of the evolving worldwide chemistry enterprise and a home for professional chemists and other related professionals across the globe. It is located in Washington DC, the United States. Allison A. Campbell is the president of the ACS. 

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What Does ACS Do?

ACS is known to be a visionary and dynamic organization that aims to improve the lives of people through the transforming power of chemistry. The mission of ACS is to advance the border of the chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of the people of the Earth.

The following are the functions of the ACS:

  • ACS is responsible for publishing scientific journals and databases
  • It also provides educational and career-centric programs in chemistry 
  • Convenes major research conferences
  • ACS also provides grants for exceptional research in petroleum and related field 
  • It is the responsibility of the ACS to educate policymakers and the general public about the importance of chemistry 
  • It provides sponsorship for a number of international activities such as joint conferences with chemical societies 

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What are the initiatives of ACS?

The following are some of the popular initiatives of the ACS:

  • Project SEED – this is an educational program that offers brilliant opportunities to economically disadvantaged high school students which enables them to expand their education and career outlook 
  • ACS Scholar Programs – As the name suggests, this is a scholarship program that provides scholarship and support to minority students who want to earn a degree ins chemistry or related fields.
  • Advancing Chemistry Teaching – This is a program designed for the professional development of science teachers. This enables the teachers to present chemistry in a better way in the classrooms 
  • Green Chemistry Education and Outreach – This initiative of ACS aims to implement green chemistry and engineering principles into all aspects of the chemical enterprise

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