What is the Full Form of ESD?

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ESD full form

The full form of ESD is Electrostatic Discharge. ESD is the discharge or release of stored static electricity when two charged objects come in contact with each other. Lightning is the most common example of electrostatic discharge. The electrostatic discharge is the momentary flow of electricity when two electrically charged entities are in close contact with each other. This would result in electric shock or dielectric breakdown. Generally, ESD is harmless to the human body, but high volts of electric discharge can lead to challenging as well as expensive damage to the industries. 

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What causes ESD?

As you are now familiar with the full form of ESD, here are some of the factors that contribute to electrostatic discharge:

  • A dry environment with little or no humidity is supposed to accumulate more static electricity.
  • Friction between objects is the most common cause that causes ESD between two oppositely charged objects.
  • Triboelectric effect.
  • Insulating materials store large amounts of static electricity that causes a high potential for ESD.
  • Mishandling of charged electronic components can generate ESD.
  • Absence of grounding/earthing.
  • Fabric and synthetic clothes are more prone to cause ESD.

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ESD Full Form: Tips to Prevent

Mentioned below are some tips to prevent ESD:

  • Wear ESD-protective gear at the workspace
  • Use ESD-protected workstations
  • Maintaining appropriate humidity
  • Usage of ESD-safe tools and equipment
  • Ensure proper grounding 
  • Use antistatic sprays 

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