What is the Distance Between Moon and Earth?

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What is the Distance Between Moon and Earth

The distance between Moon and Earth is 384,400 kilometres (Average). The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Mother Earth. It plays an important role on Earth and life of People living on this. It is easily identified in the night sky. Keep in mind that,  the moon’s orbital path around the Earth is not an actual circle but elliptical. Due to this, the distance between Earth and Moon varies every moment. 

Distance Between Moon and Earth

We have mentioned quick facts about Moon and Earth and the distance between the two bodies. Check it out below.

  • The average distance between Earth and Moon is 3,84,000 KMs.
  • During Perigee, Moon comes closer to Earth, which is 3,62,600 KMs. 
  • During apogee, Moon goes farthest to Earth, which is 4,05,400 KMs.
  • The distance between Earth and Moon is around 30 times of Earth’s diameter.
  • The distance between the Earth and the Sun is 150.14 million KMs.

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Important Solar System Terminology

  • Light Year- Light-year is the distance light travels in one year. 
  • Perigee- When the Moon is closest to Earth, known as perigee.
  • Apogee- When the Moon is farthest from Earth, known as the Apogee.
  • Astronomical Unit- It is the mean distance from the centre of the Sun to the centre of the Earth.

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When Chandrayaan 3 will Land on Moon?

Recently, ISRO launched Chandrayaan 3 which will take around 40 to 45 days to cover the distance between these two astronomical bodies. It is expected that Chandrayaan 3 will land on Moon’s surface in the last week of August 2023. You can check more details about Time Taken by Chandrayaan-3 to Reach the Moon.


What is the distance between Earth and Moon in KM?

The distance between the Moon and Earth is 3,84,000 kilometres. This distance is average as it keeps changing.

What is Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse is an astronomical event that happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. The moon blocks sunlight partially or fully due to this event.

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