What is the full form of ECG?

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The ECG full form is Electrocardiogram. The tests measure how well the human heart is working based on electrical activity. With each heartbeat, an electrical wave goes to the heart. Consequently, the heart muscles squeeze and pump blood. ECG helps doctors to find out about heart health. Only, doctors can check the electrical activity and understand heart health. Usually, when a heart problem is suspected an ECG is recommended.

Why is ECG done?

There are several reasons why an ECG is recommended by doctors. These are as follows.

  • Irregular cardiac rhythms can result in the formation of blood clots. Hence, it is crucial to determine the workings of the heart.
  • ECG abbreviations can help in detecting cardiac abnormalities. The test can easily point out whether the heart is having a blockage, a damaged muscle, or there is inflammation. Consequently, ECG helps in dealing with damaging circumstances.
  • ECG tests can also help a doctor identify lung problems or electrolyte imbalances.
  • ECG can also help to monitor the progression of heart ailments or heart surgery. ECG also helps in accessing the functionality of the pacemaker.

ECG Full Form: Types

Below are the three main types of ECG.

  • A resting ECG is taken by making the patient lie down in a comfortable position
  • A stress/exercise ECG is taken  by making you use an exercise treadmill or a bike
  • An ambulatory ECG is taken by connecting the electrodes to small portable machines. These machines can be worn on your waist. This type of ECG can monitor your heart for one or more days.

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ECG full form is Electrocardiogram. An ECG helps doctors to understand the rhythm of the heart and the electrical activity. It can be requested by a cardiologist or any doctor who suspects that the patient has a heart problem.

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