What is the Full Form of CVC?

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The full form of CVC is Central Vigilance Commission. It is an Indian governmental body formed in 1964 to prevent governmental corruption. It is an autonomous body that is completely free of control from any executive authority. It is responsible for monitoring activity under the Central Government of India, advising various authorities in central Government organizations in planning, executing, reviewing, and reforming their vigilance work.

It was created by the Government of India Resolution in 1964. Nittoor Srinivasa Rau was chosen as the first Chief Vigilance Commissioner of India. Read on to know more about CVC.

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Committee of CVC

ChairpersonIn charge of local surveillance 
MembersMembers of the Vigilance Commissioners

Current Officers of CVC

Central Vigilance CommissionerPraveen Kumar Srivastava
Vigilance CommissionerArvinda Kumar

Responsibilities of CVC

  • Reviewing the inquiries made by the Delhi Special Police Establishment into offenses committed as per the PC Ac
  • Examining any payment if a public employee is believed to be corruptly involved
  • Keeping an eye on the complaints from the informant’s revelation of matters of public concern and security and recommending action accordingly

Limitations of CVC

  • CVC is only an advisory body. Central Government Departments can accept and reject CVC’s advice in corruption cases.
  • CVC does not have adequate resources compared with the number of complaints that it receives.
  • CVC cannot direct CBI to take up inquiries against any officer of the level of Joint Secretary and above on its own.
  • CVC cannot call for any file from CBI or to direct CBI to investigate any case in a particular manner

Initiatives of CVC

  • National Anticorruption Strategy
  • Leveraging Technology to Prevent Corruption
  • Integrity in Public procurement
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Provision for Whistle Blowers
  • Improving the Standard of Vigilance Work
  • Computerisation of Commission’s Work
  • Modern Preventive Vigilance Framework
  • International Cooperation

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