What is the Full Form of AICC?

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AICC full form

AICC Full Form: The full form of AICC is the All India Congress Committee (AICC). It is INC’s executive body and is made up of significant departments and cells that oversee and plan each action taken by the Congress party. 

The INC’s famous graduates are all AICC members. Members of different state-level Congress committees are also included. Dr Manmohan Singh, a former Indian prime minister, Sonia Gandhi, a member of parliament, and Rahul Gandhi are a few of the noteworthy individuals.

Categorisation of AICC

AICC consists of other members as well as executive members chosen from several state-level congress committees. Members include Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal, Treasurer of the INC, President Shri Mallikarjun Kharge, 10 General Secretaries, 19 In-Charges, 65 Secretaries, and 8 Joint Secretaries. 

The AICC is classified as follows:

  • 48 people make up the steering committee, including Sonia Gandhi, Dr Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, P. Chidambaram, and others, in addition to the president.
  • The Central Election Authority has five members.
  • The INC President and 10 other members, including Rahul Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh, make up the Central Election Committee.
  • AICC Departments and Cells, which are made up of various departments for various industries, including the All India Adivasi Congress and the AICC Data Analytics Department.
  • AICC Committees are made up of numerous committees, including the Disciplinary Action Committee, the Communication and Publicity Sub Group, and others.

Notable Alumni of INC

Dadabhai Naroji presided over the Indian National Congress in the years 1886–1887, 1893–1894, and 1906–1907. He was the first Asian to be elected to the British Parliament from Finsbury Central in 1892. The “Grand Old Man of India” is another name for him. The ‘drain theory’ and his book ‘Poverty and Un-British Rule in India’ are two of Naroji’s major theoretical contributions.

One of the individuals who made a significant contribution to the creation of the Indian National Congress is Surendranath Banerjee. He was a political leader, journalist, and educator. He spent 40 years editing the Bengalee newspaper. Along with Ananadomohan Bose, he also started a political party before the INC was established. One of the relatively few political groups created at that time is this political party, the “Indian National Association.” 

Duties of AICC

  • The AICC is a gathering of the Congress’ top officials, and its primary duty is to examine the actions and decisions of the political party. 
  • The AICC manages the role of the INC in various sectors of various states where INC committees and supporters are present with the aid of its committees and departments. 
  • Because INC is one of India’s largest political parties, members of its executive body, the AICC, come from every state and province in the nation. Therefore, it was difficult for a national party like Congress to operate before the AICC was established.

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