What is the Full Form of CMC in Indian Companies?

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CMC Full Form

CMC Full Form: CMC is an abbreviation for Computer Maintenance Corporation. CMC was held by the Government of India until it was sold to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in 2001. CMC is no longer a separate legal entity or firm.

CMC’s official name at the time of its formation was Computer Management Corporation Private Limited. In 1977, the organisation was incorporated as a public limited corporation.

Goals of CMC

CMC’s concentration was on engineering, software, and applications. They worked towards the following objectives while being closely monitored by the government:

  • Creating and testing a software programme.
  • Provide solutions for a wide range of critical system segments.
  • Services and projects are delivered to domestic and international markets.
  • Almost all government information technology efforts require consultancy services.

Achievements of CMC

CMC has built infrastructure for urban, suburban, and rural areas. Since their inception, they have achieved several notable milestones. Some notable accomplishments include:

  1. CMC established the first nationwide data network, INDONET, in 1985, connecting all major metropolitan areas.
  2. They incorporated their products and services into a variety of businesses, including coal power, banking, and education.
  3. CMC has several development centres in the United States, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand.
  4. CMC customised and maintained over 800 data processing devices from International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and other manufacturers.
  5. CMC founded the United Nations Project Interact (International Education and Research for Computer Technology Applications). The purpose of the initiative is to employ technology to improve the design and infrastructure of public resources such as trains, electrical grids, and weather forecasts.
  6. CMC developed the Integrated Multi-train Passenger Reservation System (IMPRESS) for Indian Railways in 1985.
  7. In 1985, they developed the Advanced Railway Ticketing System (ARTS) to address concerns with unreserved tickets.

CMC Courses

CMC has also engaged in e-learning by cooperating and developing software solutions for numerous organisations.

CMC’s subsidiary develops training modules and materials that are effective, affordable, and adaptable. Its official name (CET) is the Centre of Education and Training.

The following are some of the popular and customizable courses offered by CMC based on the candidates’ prior knowledge and goals:

  • Entry-level/awareness classes
  • Professional / skill development courses
  • Specialised Courses
  • Customer-requested courses
  • Vendor-Certified Courses
  • Career Development Courses

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