Where was the First Lok Adalat held in India?

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Where was the First Lok Adalat held

The first Lok Adalat camp was held in the city of Una in the district of Junagarh in the state of Gujarat, India on the 14th of March, 1982. The idea of solving arguments using the Panchayat is a key part of Lok Adalat’s philosophy. Moreover, it shows a different way to resolve problems instead of going to Court. Furthermore, this was done to ease the load on Courts, which have many pending cases, and help in legal disputes. Legal Services Authorities Act of 1987 made Lok Adalats official after Article 39A of the Indian Constitution. Thus, this Act sets up legal services authorities to give free and good legal help to those who are not as strong in society.

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Process Followed by Lok Adults in India

Additionally, here is the process through which Lok Adalats function in India:

  • The people in charge of Lok Adalat can decide to send a dispute if someone asks them to or if they think it is necessary. 
  • Before they do this, they will make sure everyone involved has a chance to speak. 
  • They might also ask everyone to write down what they think about the problem. Hence that includes all the details and reasons why they agree or disagree.
  • When dealing with the problem, they will follow ideas of what is fair and right. They are not just strict rules from certain laws. 
  • Moreover, their main goal is to help the people involved come to a fair agreement by talking things out together.
  • If they cannot find a solution everyone agrees on, the case goes back to the Court that sent it to Lok Adalat. 
  • Then, things continue from where they left off before sending it to Lok Adalat.

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