What is Chat GPT Full Form?

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Chat GPT full form

The Chat GPT full form is Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. Open AI developed this Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It has made a huge impact in the world of Natural Language Processing (NPL). It is a deep learning model that functions on a large amount of data text. This makes it capable enough to perform a wide range of natural language processing including text generation, machine translation, chatbot development, sentiment analysis etc. Today, the application is widely used in various sectors. However, during the training phase, the model was focused on learning patterns and relationships between words and phrases in the text and producing results based on them.

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What are the Applications of GPT?

The following are the uses of Chat GPT:

  • It helps in text generation. It generates new text similar to the provided input. This is helpful in generating new articles, stories, poems etc 
  • Machines translation is another application of Chat GPT. It can translate one language to another and thus, transcends language barriers. 
  • The sentiment analysis feature of Chat GPT can help you to analyse the sentiments of a text which is beneficial for social media monitoring, stock market prediction and customer feedback analysis
  • Chat GPT also develops chatbots or conversational AI agents to engage in human-like conversations. This is beneficial in customer services and personal assistants. 
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What are the Limitations of GPT?

The following are the limitations of Chat GPT:

  • GPT functions on large texts of data which may contain biases and prejudices. This can generate text-biased results.
  • GPT analyzes only the given text and no external information that means it may not be able to provide context-specific information. 
  • It lacks understanding and is not capable of understanding the meaning of the text as desired. It simply functions on the basis of patterns and relationships between words and phrases in the text and produces results based on them.

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