Top 10 Facts About Kolkata: The City of Joy

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Facts Abut Kolkata

The capital of art, culture, and talent, was previously known as Calcutta. It is the capital of West Bengal. This is a state where you can find different things every mile and trends you walk. From big trees to big bridges, you will get to see a world of history. Calcutta has a rich history, and its traditions have been adapted over time. Despite the city’s constant change, the Bengali culture remains vibrant and beloved. This article will let you know 10 lesser-known facts about Kolkata that highlight the city’s unique character.

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Fact About Kolkata

We will take you on a journey to the top interesting facts about Kolkata. So get your coffee and start scrolling.

  1. Next time someone asks you where is the largest tree, flex your knowledge. Tell them you already know it is in Calcutta or Kolkata. 
  1. The Kolkata city we now know, was not always like his. It was a village before it became the famous ‘Calcutta,’ formed by combining three villages – Kalikata, Gobindapur, and Sutanuti. 

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  1. We are sure you might already know the famous Howrah Bridge of Kolkata, West Bengal. But, here is a fact you did not know about this. There are no nuts and bolts in the Howrah Bridge. 
  1. All book lovers, Calcutta is a gem for you and an apple for your eyes. T is home to the nation’s largest second-hand book market. 
  1. This fact about Kolkata will uncover things that bring it to the top of everything. 
Oldest Zoo in IndiaAlipore Zoo, Kolkata, West Bengal
Largest Museum in the Asia Pacific Region/Ninth largest National MuseumKolkata’s National Museum
Largest library in the worldNational Library of India, Kolkata, West Bengal
  1. When the next time you travel to Calcutta, hop on the historic electric tram or a hand-pulled rickshaw, both unique to Kolkata’s vibrant streets.
  1. Calcutta gives you an opportunity to explore India’s oldest port, the Kolkata Port on the Hooghly River, the only riverine port in the country!
  1. This fact is not something passed on from generation or word of mouth, it is a fact about Kolkata that has been noticed by the famous writer  Rudyard Kipling, who mentioned Great Eastern Hotel in his short story ‘City of Dreadful Night’ as the “Jewel of East.” 

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  1. Calcutta is home to some of the most hunted places in India, although it is a matter of debate between researchers. Here are the places- National Library, Rabindra Sarobar Metro, Hastings House, Putulbari, the House of Dolls, and South Park Street Cemetery. 
  1. You might have heard of the Ganga Ghats in Varanasi, and in the Devboomi Uttarakhand, but do you know Calcutta also has some of the best Ganga Ghats near Hoogly River? 
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