15 Interesting Facts About Summer Season

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FACTS ABOUT Summer Season

Summer is one of the favourite seasons of people of all ages. Children love it for their summer holidays while adults enjoy the serotonin that comes with the warmth of direct sunlight on their skin. Long days, warm temperatures, humidity, and the chirping of crickets characterize this season. Moreover, the summer season is also the perfect time to take vacations with your family, enjoy juicy seasonal fruits, and celebrate festivals. Here are some interesting facts about the summer season that might excite you to create cherished memories with your loved ones.

Facts About Summer Season

  1. The word “summer” comes from the Old English word “sumor”, meaning together.
  1. Thunderstorms are more common in summer than in other seasons. This happens because the warm weather creates the ideal conditions for rising hot air and moisture to form thunderstorms.
  1. In meteorology, summer refers to the three hottest months of the year. These months can be different depending on the hemisphere. 
Facts About Summer Season
  1. The first day of summer is called the summer solstice. The sun reaches its highest point in the sky and thus, it is the longest day of the year. 
  1. During extremely hot days of the summer season, the iron of the Eiffel Tower can expand and make it a few inches taller than usual. 
  1. The term “midnight sun” refers to the duration when certain regions of our planet experience continuous daylight. 
Facts About Summer Season
  1. When it is summer in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere experiences winter. 
  1. During the summer season, Alaska experiences sunlight for 24 hours straight. 
  1. The phrase “dog days of summer” is used when the constellation Sirius appears in the sky. This is usually the time during which we experience the hottest weeks of summer. 
  1. Some places experience more humidity in summer than others. It happens due to moisture in the air. 
Facts About Summer Season
  1. Summer is the season of popular music festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza. 
  1. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan announced July as the official National Ice Cream Month.
Facts About Summer Season
  1. Summer is the most popular season of the year for weddings. 
  1. Summer is also a popular time for vacations, making it a favourite season of the tourism industry. 
  1. Watermelons are a favourite fruit of Americans during the summer season. Estimates suggest that Americans eat about 15 pounds of watermelon a year.

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