How to Prepare for JEE Main?

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how to prepare for jee main

JEE Main Preparation: The JEE exam is held for candidates who want to pursue a career in engineering and technical studies. Those wishing to pursue engineering through the IIT must pass two exams, JEE Main and JEE Advance.  Every year, about 9.5 million students take the JEE exam to apply for admission to IIT, NIT, and other prestigious government engineering colleges. This exam is one of the toughest and requires proper preparation. Coaching is very helpful and one of the most important factors in cracking JEE. In this blog, we will tell you tips for how to prepare for JEE Main exam including tricks suggested by teachers and toppers of the Joint Entrance Exam.

ParticularsJEE Main Paper 1JEE Main Paper 2
Mode of examinationComputed Based TestComputed Based Test; Pen and paper-based for Drawing section in B.Arch
Duration3 hours(3.5 hours for both – B.Arch and B. Planning)
Exam SessionsJanuary and April 2024January and April 2024

The JEE Mains is an objective type of test which is conducted in online mode. There are 90 questions in the paper. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics each have 30 questions. 20 of them are MCQs (multiple choice questions) and 10 are numerical questions. A student can try any 5 questions out of the given 10 numerical problems. There is negative marking in the exam, so the student should not use the guessing in this exam.

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6 Tips for JEE Mains Preparation

According to the initial announcement made public, the National Testing Agency will conduct the  JEE Main 2024 in the months of January and April. Considering the high level of competition, this exam is regarded as one of the most challenging exams. It is known to all that every year a large number of students appear in the Joint Entrance Exam, which makes this test highly competitive.

Getting into IITs, NITs, and other prestigious engineering institutes in India offers admission on the basis of the result of this exam. Consequently, passing this exam on your first try takes the highest dedication and effort. Below, we have mentioned 6 tips to help you how to prepare for JEE Main exam like a pro. If done right, it can be a real game changer and ultimately help them to prepare properly for JEE.

Begin with NCERT Books 

Start with the NCERT books. It is the basis for the JEE main exam. Build a strong foundation of concepts and theory from the NCERT books. Note that 60-70% of the questions are directly related to NCERT books. A clear syllabus base is a key feature of JEE preparation. Make sure that, you make a list of important topics before starting the preparation.

Choose the Right Study Material 

Reference materials to cover topics from the basic level to application-related questions for advanced users. Candidates need to choose authentic study materials at the time of preparation. It is important because, with the right study materials, you don’t need to worry about the facts and figures.

Practice Question Papers / Mock Tests

It is very important to practice solving last year’s JEE question papers. This will help the students to understand the question patterns and scoring schemes for each topic. By solving the previous year’s questionnaire, students can speed up their problem-solving skills. Students can easily access questions and answers from the past year online. 

Mock exams are available on the official website of the National Testing Agency. It is the best option for analyzing the preparation of candidates. This will boost their confidence and allow them to approach the exam stress-free. Students should try to finish the test within the given time. This will improve their problem-solving skills and help them to manage time efficiently.

Revise and Study Daily 

The more the students repeat it, the easier it will be to remember. Repetition helps the students remember important facts and formulas, ultimately improving their problem-solving ability and accuracy. It is advised to students to leave the question, if they are not sure about the answer, as this exam follows the negative marking pattern. Clarify the questions and doubts with their teacher, friends, or people who can help them. Make sure all concepts are clear.

Make Notes for Revision

The students are advised to make brief notes for each chapter. It should contain key facts, abbreviations and key formulas. These notes are very useful when the student only has a few days left before the exam. Students can modify these notes to remember important points and formulas.

Study Plan 

A well-organized schedule helps balance self-study in the classroom. Candidates should have a good knowledge of the JEE main exam syllabus. The syllabus and exam templates are available on the official exam administration website. Applicants are required to create an organized schedule for the exam.  Students should study for 3-4 hours each day. Plan wisely to cover all topics. All doubts should be clarified with the teacher.

Subject Wise Preparation Tips 

Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics make up the three components of the main exam paper. Aspirants should make sure they complete the syllabus for all three sections because each is equally significant. The subject-wise preparation tips which the students can refer to are given below for their reference purposes.

Preparation Tricks For Physics

The students should be well aware of the fundamentals of physics. The tricks for physics are mentioned below:

  • Students should make sure that they understand the basics of optics, modern and electricity and pay extra attention to the difficult topics of this section. 
  • Candidates can also focus on chapters such as magnetics, current electricity and waves, electromagnetic induction, etc.  
  • At last, the candidates should study from the previous year’s question papers. 

Preparation Tricks for Chemistry

Students should focus on each topic that is available in the syllabus. Students can follow some simple tricks mentioned below: 

  • The candidates should be thorough with the syllabus and cover organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry as well as physical chemistry
  • Students should give good practice to the numerical section as it is very scoring if done correctly. 
  • Chemical bonding and the periodic table are also very scoring if memorized properly. The organic chemistry of JEE Main is generally conceptually based, therefore students are advised to have all their concepts clear. 

Preparation Tricks for Mathematics 

For the mathematics section, candidates are advised to practice a good number of JEE Main previous year question papers.

  • It is advised to the students to build a good speed in the core topics of each section that is available in the syllabus. This can be achieved if the students have learnt all the formulas at their fingertips. 
  • The students should focus on solving as many problems as possible with accurate answers. 
  • Students should focus on topics such as trigonometry, coordinate geometry, calculus and algebra.


How to crack JEE Main?

Candidates who want to score well in JEE Mains should make a timetable and follow it strictly., Some tips are mentioned below.
(1) Previous year question papers
(2) Mock test papers,
(3) Regular revision should refer to good study material and revise regularly. 

What are the types of questions in JEE Mains?

The JEE Mains is an objective type of test which is conducted in online mode. There are 90 questions in the paper. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics each have 30 questions. 20 of them are MCQs (multiple choice questions) and 10 are numerical questions. There is negative marking in the exam, so the student should answer the questions wisely.

How can I prepare for the Chemistry subject in JEE Main?

Chemistry requires a lot of memory as it is related to concepts. A few tricks are mentioned below.
(1) Get your basic concepts clear
(2) Get guidance for JEE coaching.
(3) Write down all chemical equations.

In this blog, we have discussed the preparation tips to crack JEE Mains. Students who are willing to appear for this entrance examination can refer to this blog to get all the information regarding the preparation tips.

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