Types Of Entrepreneurs You Must Know About!

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types of entrepreneurs

Differentiated only by the corporations they own, entrepreneurs are united in the unrelenting desire to change the status quo. While some are college dropouts, the other left their high paying jobs. But a majority of owners of now-successful ventures started out with modest plans to find solutions to different problems. While it is difficult to narrow down the exact categories, here is a list of 6 types of entrepreneurs you are likely to read about, watch a film on or maybe someday, become yourself!

Creators & Builders

What sets creators apart is that they already have a unique way of seeing the world around them. Their new ideas, coupled with the determination of seeing it out till the end, the ‘creators’ are the unique and different types of entrepreneurs. Founder of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin recognized that people were referring to yellow pages, newspapers and calling their friends to garner information on different things but still were not able to receive trustworthy and accurate information. Therefore, the need for an internet search facility cropped up in their minds, they worked on it and founded what became one of the most highly valued companies of all time. Furthermore, they don’t stop until the point where they have implemented their idea in all its aspects.

types of entrepreneurs


Many times, we come around stories of entrepreneurs who tried their hands in a lot of things, saw it fail, learned and then tried something entirely new. Arianna Huffington before starting The Huffington Post wrote a book that hardly found a publisher. She also ran for office receiving less than 1 percent of votes. Failed experiences are an important part of the learning curve which helps to know what could have been done a bit better. However, had they decided to not pursue their choice just because something seemed far-off or they were not cut out for it, they would not have been able to achieve what they currently have. Additionally, the desire to treat failures as stepping stones is present in almost all types of entrepreneurs and for that matter should be present in all those striving for success.


A knowledge-hoarder gathers as much data as possible before starting something new. Not afraid to sit on the computer for hours, talking to people on various aspects, and staying up all night just to devise strategies, the knowldege hoarders possess these skills. Such competencies are also desired by various other types of entrepreneurs as well. Having the necessary amount of knowledge saves you from taking reckless steps and in turn, saving your time and resources. However, there is a catch here. While being ultra-careful pays dividends, its counter-argument that a little too much research may stop you from implementing the idea also stands true. As a suggestion, a mixture of both traits is needed along strong personal decision-making skills. With that, you are all set.

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This is a relatively new addition to the list of types of entrepreneurs. Learning from the experiences of others is a skill highly valued in this day and age. Such entrepreneurs apply an already established idea in a different way by making tweaks or molding it a bit according to the need. In all fairness, such entrepreneurs imitate creativity and thus, may have a relatively straight road to success (if there is). A point worth noting is the fact that we are all influenced by each other a bit and taking inspiration from the works of others can be of great value. But do remember, ‘imitation is the best form of flattery!’

Those Who Leave it Late

McDonalds Ray Kroc and KFC’s Colonel Sanders both were around 40 when they started their food chains. There is no harm in letting time play its part in your learning process. You should try something new out only when you feel that you are ready for it. It is necessary for all types of entrepreneurs to realize that the determination to see your ideas come into taking time. Working on the deficiencies is paramount to success. After all, age is just a number!

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One in a Million

Very rarely, a handful of people, who are not satisfied with just standing apart from the crowd take steps that help to create their own crowd. They may add another category in the types of entrepreneurs or become representative of a particular one. It is imperative to know that personalities like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and Walt Disney defied all odds and became not only the most successful entrepreneurs of all time but also those who defined the modern age. They epitomize the saying – ‘if you strive for the stars, even if you fail, you will end up falling on the moon’.

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The above-mentioned types of entrepreneurs are the ones we find the most around us. Even though becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t require any formal degree but if you want to gain an insight into the various aspects of an entrepreneurship development program then experts at Leverage Edu will lend you a helping hand. Using the AI-enabled tool, the mentors will curate a list of universities where you can study such programs.

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