This Day in History – March 11

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March 11

History is the ultimate guide for humans as it includes everything from past glories to injustice. Even Abraham Lincoln once said ‘Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history’, so let us appreciate all that history has to teach us and find out what happened on this glorious day in history – March 11.

Historic Events in India That Happened on March 11

Sambhaji was born on March 11

1689: Sambhaji was born
Sambhaji was the son of Shivaji and the ruler of the Maratha Kingdom. In 1689, he was captured and executed by the Mughals in India.

1795: Battle of Kharda
The Battle of Kharda was fought between Tipu Sultan, Nizam and Marathas. The Marathas won the battle.

1980: Chandra Bhanu Gupta’s death
March 11, 1980, is the death anniversary of Chandra Bhanu Gupta. He was a prominent politician and served as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for three terms.

Historic Events Around The World on March 11

Queen Anna withheld Royal Assent
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1649: Peace of Rueil
On March 11th, the Peace of Rueil was signed which ended the first Fronde: the series of french civil wars in France.

1669: Mount Etna Erupted
Mount Etna, the active volcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, erupted on 11th March 1669. It was the most destructive volcanic eruption and killed thousands of people.

1702: The Daily Courant was Founded
The British daily newspaper Daily Courant was founded and produced by Elizabeth Mallet in London for the first time on 11th March.

1708: Queen Anna withheld Royal Assent
Queen Anna withheld royal assent to the Scottish Militia Bill fearing that the militia would be disloyal. This was the last time the Royal Veto was used in Britain.

1824: Bureau of Indian Affairs established
The Bureau of Indian Affairs was set up by the US government to protect indigenous rights. It is reasonable for implementing, administering and managing the federal laws and policies related to Native Americans and Alaskan Natives.

1851: Rigoletto Premiered
The opera Rigoletto by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi premiered at La Fenice opera house in Venice, Italy for the first time.

1861: Confederate Constitution was Adopted
On 11th March 1861, the Consitution of the Confederate States of America was adopted by southern American states like Montgomery, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi etc.

1892: First Public Basketball Game
On March 11th, the first basketball game was played in public in Springfield, Massachusetts.

1935: Bank of Canada
The Bank of Canada began operations on 11th March 1935 from Victoria Building on Wellington Street in Ottawa for the first time.

1961:Ken Doll Launched
The Ken doll was launched by Mattel for the first time at the American International Toy Fair.

1990: Lithuania declared Independence
Lithuania declared itself an independent nation and broke its ties with the Soviet Union on 11th March 1990. Lithuania was the first Soviet republic state to do so.

1997: Paul McCartney Knighted
The famous singer, guitarist and member of the Beatles was knighted by Queen Elizabeth and admitted as the Member of the Order of British Empire.

2011: The Great East Japan Earthquake
The most powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 to 9.1 hit Japan on 11th March 2011. It incurred billions of losses and killed over 15,000 people in Japan.

2020: WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic
The Director-General of WHO in a media briefing declared Covid- 19 a pandemic for the first time.

List of Important Birthdays

  • 1832: Franz Melde
    Franz Melde was a German physicist and professor who contributed significantly to the field of fluid mechanics and meteorology. Melde is famous for discovering standing waves and coining the term as well.
  • 1840: Dwijendranath Tagore
    The famous Indian poet, philosopher, mathematician and music composer was born on March 11, to Debendranath Tagore and Sarada Devi. He was the elder brother of Rabindranath Tagore.
  • 1915: Vijay Hazare
    The Indian cricketer, batsman and captain was born on 11th March 1915 in the Bombay Presidency of British India. He represented India in several test matches.
  • 1952: Douglas Adam
    The best-selling author of sci-fi series called The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adam was born on this day. He is also famous for writing stories for the British television show Doctor Who.
  • 1958: Pradeep Kar
    The Indian businessman, Founder and Chairman of Microland, Pradeep Kar was born in India in 1958 on March 11.
  • 1966: Mohit Chauhan
    Accomplished Indian playback singer Mohit Chauhan was born in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. He is a member of a band called Silk Route and incredibly famous for albums like Rockstar, Rang de Basanti and Jab We Met.

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