Achieving the Dream seems Impossible No More!

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achieving the dream
achieving the dream

A child who didn’t utter a word until he was four. Whose teacher called him “unteachable”. And failed to secure a job in physics for two years after graduation won a Nobel Prize in Physics. While revolutionizing the way people look at science and achieving the dream of doing so.

Yes, such has been the story of Albert Einstein. Someone who has defined success for so many people across different generations by

achieving the dream.

What if Albert Einstein had fallen prey to all the criticism? Given up on his dreams thinking they are unachievable?

We need to understand that every great dream at first looks “too much” and unattainable before doing anything about it. The only difference between a successful person and you are just that he began working on his dreams instead of just thinking about them.

If a divorcee on a government aid struggling to take care of her baby did not believe in her goal, the world wouldn’t have been able to experience the soul-stirring Harry Potter. Yes, J.K Rowling had to manually type each version of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone to be sent to publishers because she couldn’t even afford photocopying at that time. Several publishers rejected her book until a small London publisher agreed to publish her book.

Being able to set your mind to something and believing that you can do it is the first step towards achieving the dream. It doesn’t matter how hard it is to achieve your goals or what others tell you as long as you are certain about what you want and you believe in yourself.

Of course, when you have to reach somewhere, you need a map but you also need to walk. You can’t just be standing where you are and plan your route. Make plans and strategize about how to go about your dreams. Revisit your plans ever now and then and make changes as per your added knowledge and experience. But don’t put all your time and energy into planning and forget about the implementation.

Remember, when you continue to persistently work hard even when things take a toll, you certainly make it to the end.

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba is one of the richest men in China. When KFC came to China, 24 people applied for the job. 23 were selected, Jack Ma was the only one who got rejected amongst the 24. This was one of the many rejections he had to face before making it to the top. His persistence and “never-give-up” spirit along with discipline and hard work, has made him what he is today.

Whenever you start to lose the momentum or feel like giving up vision yourself at the finishing line. Remember why you started and focus on the end result.

There is no successful person who has become successful in one day. The journey from a realizing a dream to going ahead and achieving the dream it isn’t an easy one. Your path is likely to be full of hurdles and challenges. You might even have to face unexpected failures but that doesn’t mean you can give up.

Don’t wait for the ‘perfect’ situation. Don’t wait for others to agree with you. Understand that it’s always the right time to start achieving the success. If you are certain about what you want, even if it calls for breaking of trends, just go ahead and do it. 

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