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MBA is easily the most sought-after post-graduation degree offered by some of the best universities located across the world. Deciding where to pursue your MBA comes with a host of questions: what is ROI, or will I be able to apply for a post-study work visa after my graduation? One such city that offers both great ROI and tremendous job opportunities has to be Dublin! As the capital of Ireland, the city is a fast-paced economy that welcomes thousands of international students every year for its high-quality education and lifestyle. Here is why you should consider an MBA in Dublin and its top-notch universities!

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Why Pursue MBA In Dublin?

An MBA is a highly reputed professional degree and a great option for those wanting to boost their careers and rise to managerial positions in diverse industries. The sheer specializations offered by the country can help it  But the saturation and competition in the field make it hard for MBA graduates to find a position in top companies. An MBA program from a reputed business school makes a difference when looking for a job. Dublin is a warm and welcoming city, known for the friendliness of its people with dedicated business schools that are ranked consistently among the top in the world. Also, Dublin ranks 33rd amongst the safest cities in the world. Another reason to study in Dublin is the proximity to the top recruiters and being home to some of the world’s leading companies.

Types of MBA In Dublin

MBA colleges in Dublin offer 2 types of MBA programs: Full-time MBA and Executive MBA.

  • Full-time MBA: Full-time MBA programs take place in an intensive classroom environment. Students enrolled in this program do not pursue a job. These programs span for a duration of 1-year.
  • Executive MBA: Executive MBAs or EMBAs are programs that span for 2 years. They are characterized by participants who have full-time jobs. Classes usually take place on the weekends. Lectures take place for 4 hours a week. Classrooms and curricula are designed to accommodate the work hours of participants. 5 business schools in Ireland offer EMBA programs. But Indian students are not eligible to pursue an EMBA in Ireland.

Types of MBA Courses: Full-time, Executive, Part-time

Top Universities for MBA In Dublin

University Duration Fees Requirements
Trinity College Dublin 1 year (Full-time) €35,287 Minimum of 3 – 5 years work experience GMAT score of < 550, or equivalent GRE score IELTS 6.5=< or TOEFL IBT 90=< for non-native English speaker
University College Dublin 1 year (Full-time) €34,500 Minimum of 3 years work experience GMAT score of < 600, or equivalent GRE score IELTS 7=< or TOEFL IBT 100=< for non-native English speaker
Dublin City University 2 years (EMBA) Part-Time €51,000
National College of Ireland 2 years (EMBA) Part-Time €12,750
Dublin Business School 1 year (Full-time) €12,500 60% and above in bachelors. IELTS 6.5=< score for non-native English speaker
Griffith College Dublin 1 year (Full-time) €14,000 60% and above in their bachelor’s. IELTS 6.5=< score for non-native English speaker

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Fees for MBA in Dublin

Wondering about the cost of an MBA in Dublin? Here is the good news for you. As compared to other European countries, the cost of an MBA in Dublin is comparatively low. This means you get to study in top-ranked Irish universities without the fear of emptying your bank account. Every university has different tuition fees. It ranges between Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs depending upon the university and course. Other costs include accommodation, food, and transport.

For the complete program term, tuition fees at Irish universities providing MBA (full-time) range from 10,29,875 INR at Dublin Business School to 28,58,933 INR at Trinity College Dublin. In Ireland, there are more EMBA programs than full-time MBA programs.

Program Total Program Fee (in INR)*
MBA 10,29,875 – 28,58,933
EMBA 20,59,750 – 28,58,933

MBA in Dublin Without GMAT

Although the GMAT or GRE is considered a crucial element of the MBA admissions process in Dublin, certain colleges may accept an MBA application without it. There are, however, several requirements that must be met. Students can seek a GMAT (or GRE) waiver for university admissions in Ireland if they meet the following criteria:

  • They have a master’s or doctoral degree from a renowned university in a quantitative area.
  • If they have a long professional career history (8-10 years or higher).
  • Additional professional accomplishments and credentials judged deserving of a waiver

MBA in Dublin Eligibility Requirements

  • A minimum of three years (with an undergraduate degree) or five years (with a professional qualification) worth of work experience (mandatory requirement)
  • The university degree should be from a recognized university, a professional qualification obtained with exams, or a substantial track of business achievement without a degree or qualification
  • Qualify for the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) with an acceptable score. Generally, a minimum score of 550 is required by top universities.
  • Scores of any English Language Proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. Depending on the university, this test may be exempted for candidates who have done their formal education in English.

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Scores Requirements

  • A GMAT score of 500 or equivalent GRE score.
  • IELTS score of more than 6 or a TOEFL score of more than 100.

Documents Required

  • Official verified and translated academic transcripts of undergraduate (or postgraduate) degrees.
  • An up-to-date resume with all the necessary details of work experience, academic background, and achievements.
  • Personal Essays, Goals Essays, or SOP, as directed by the university
  • Two letters of recommendation, preferably from a professional background
  • Two photographs and identity supporting documents
  • Financial and loan documents along with visa papers

How to Apply to Dublin for an MBA?

  • Each of the universities will have an online application form that needs to be filled out and submitted online and/or downloaded if you are sending a hard copy of the documents
  • Along with the online application form, attach the necessary documents and admissions drafts (Essays, CV, LORs, and so on)
  • For online application, once you are done with the process, you will be required to pay the application fee
  • For offline applications, you need to send the fee along with the documentation

Cost of Living in Dublin

Expense Cost per month (in INR)
Accommodation 20,000- 40,000
Food expenditure 17,000- 20,000
Transport cost 1,200-2000
Miscellaneous 20,000- 40,000

Scope After Pursuing an MBA in Dublin

The scope after pursuing an MBA in Dublin is promising and diverse. Being a hub of international businesses, Dublin offers a wide array of career opportunities for graduates to put their pool of knowledge and skills into use. Moreover, its rapidly growing technology sector further makes it an attraction for multinational corporations. As a result, graduates find rewarding careers in fields like finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. In addition to this, trained faculty at Dublin universities boost students’ career prospects. So, whether you aspire to launch your own startup or work for a prestigious company, an MBA in Dublin can potentially turn your dreams into reality.


Can I pursue an MBA in Dublin without IELTS?

No. You cannot pursue an MBA without IELTS in Ireland. Alternatively, you could take a TOEFL test to prove your English proficiency.

Can I study MBA in Dublin without work experience?

Certain colleges in Dublin accept applicants without work experience. Instead, they set minimum academic requirements that participants should exceed.

What is the cost of studying MBA in Dublin?

The cost of studying MBA in Dublin ranges between Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs depending upon the university and course. Other costs include accommodation, food, and transport.

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