What is the fee for gre exam in India?

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What is the fee for gre exam in India?

A student appearing for the Graduate Record Examination  (GRE) test must be aware of the examination fee. The Education Testing Services (ETS) or the conducting body of the GRE examination has set up new fees in 2022. Due to this, the GRE exam fees in India 2023-24 are INR 22,500. However, the examination fee is $220/INR 18,273.31, and  $231 / INR 19,186.47 in China. Keep reading to learn more about the GRE exam fees in India, cancellation fees, rescheduling fees, and more.


Quick Facts About GRE & GRE Fees Structure

The GRE examination is undertaken by students who want to pursue graduate studies abroad. What is the fee for gre exam in India? Here are some quick facts about the examination and its fee structure:

  • There are 2 types of the GRE examination – A general test and a subject test. The general test assesses verbal reasoning and quantitative and analytical writing skills. On the other hand, the subject examination tests the knowledge of the candidate in a specific subject.
  • No maximum age limit is there for the GRE. However, a student requires an undergraduate degree to appear for the examination.
  • The examination depends on the country of origin and the type of examination. Hence. The fees differ on the basis of these factors.  Although the GRE General test fee varies on the basis of location the cost of the subject test is the same everywhere.

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What is the GRE Registration Fee?

What is the fee for gre exam in India? The GRE registration fees vary on the basis of the country, Hence, we have provided the location-based GRE test and exam fees in indian rupees.

CountryGRE fees
India$271/INR 22,550
Other Countries$220/INR 17,946
China$231/INR 18,968

What is the fee for the GRE Exam in India?

Apart from the registration fee, there are other changes as well. Therefore we have provided the GRE fees for other scenarios. For example, the GRE cancellation fees,  reschedule fees, and reinstatement fees for students in India.

Particulars GRE examination fees
GRE Reschedule feeINR 5,000
GRE Cancellation FeeNA
Changing the Test Center or Subject Test FeeINR 5,000
Score Reinstatement FeeINR 5,000
Changing Your Subject TestINR 5,000
Score Review for Analytical Writing AssessmentINR 5,900
Additional Score ReportINR 2, 900

GRE Fees in India 2024: General and Subject Test

What is the fee for gre exam in India? The GRE examination fees in India are different than in other countries. The GRE exam fee in India is  INR ₹22,550 for the general test. However, the GRE subject test fee is INR 14,500.

GRE ExamGRE Fees India
GRE Subject TestINR 14,500
GRE General TestINR 22,550

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GRE at Home Test Fee

Ever since the covid pandemic (2020) ETS has made provisions for students to appear for the examination online in the comfort of the candidate’s home. What is the fee for gre exam in India? The GRE home test fee for 2024 is INR 22,550. The GRE test fee is the same as the fees at the test centres. ETS has taken this step to make GRE exam accessible to all.

Modes of Payment for GRE Exam Fees

ETS does not allow payment of the GRE exam fees by cash. What is the fee for gre exam in India? It is INR 22,550. However, all payments have to be made online. Interested students can make the payment through the following channels.

  • Credit Card or Debit card (MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Discover, American Express)
  • Personal Paper Checks, Certified Checks,  or E-check (drawn only against US bank accounts)
  • Money Order/PayPal/Voucher
  • UPI/Bharat QR (only in India). The following digital wallets are also applicable-FreeCharge, Google Pay; MobiKwik; JioMoney, PayZapp, Airtel Money, Ola Money; PhonePe; Amazon Pay; Paytm, WhatsApp, and all BHIM UPI-enabled banking apps.

GRE Fee Waiver

Those who have financial hardships can apply for the GRE Fee Waiver Service. It is provided under the e GRE Fee Reduction Program. These vouchers are available to college seniors or unenrolled college graduates to appear for a single General and Subject Test at half the regular exam fee. 

Moreover, these students can also get access to the online preparation materials worth $100/8,304.65. However, this is only available on a first come first serve basis. The Fee Reduction Program is only available to US citizens/unemployed resident aliens above 18 years of age, Additionally, those who are applying for GRE fee waiver must meet the general eligibility criteria as well.

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Is GRE tough than gate?

Yes. The GRE exam is considered to be more difficult than the GATE. When it comes to the syllabus, the quantitative aspect of the GRE exam is difficult for non-native English speakers and the general aptitude of GATE  is easier.

How much is the GRE exam fee for July 2023?

The cost of the GRE examination is  $220 in all the countries. However, the fees are different in China. In India, the registration fee for the GRE examination is INR 22,550.

Is GRE score valid for 5 years?

Yes. The GRE examination scores are valid for up to 5 years. ETS will keep the score report for a duration of 5 years. Therefore, schools accept these scores for a period of 5 years as well.

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