How to Improve GMAT Verbal?

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How to Improve GMAT Verbal?

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a test undertaken by students who want to study in a business school abroad. The GMAT examination tests the quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing skills of a candidate. Compared to other sections,  it can be difficult to find out the errors in the verbal section. If the verbal skills of a candidate are not good, he/she might not understand the passage and thereby not score well in the verbal section. Therefore, it is important to improve verbal skills before sitting for the examination. Keep reading to learn how to improve  GMAT verbal skills.

How to Improve GMAT Verbal?

Unlike the math section, the verbal section of GMAT does not have any rules. However, there are certain tips that a candidate can use to improve their verbal skills. Therefore, we have provided some tips on -how to improve the GMAT verbal skills. These are as follows:

Finding and Fixing Your Verbal Errors on the GMAT

Follow the tips below to find and fix the verbal errors. Fixing verbal errors is important as it helps improve the verbal skills of a candidate.

Prioritize Sentance Correction 

The verbal section of the GMAT examination consists of sentence correction. Reading comprehension, and critical reasoning. The reading comprehension passage is found to be more time-consuming by a lot of GMAT test takers. Hence, it is wise to prioritize sentence correction even if your performance level is similar in sentence correction and the reading comprehension section.

Have a Game Plan

It is important to have a strategy for the GMAT exam. That is, notice where time is wasted during the practice test, and come up with a strategy to counter that. For example, to limit the number of times to look at a passage, read the passage first, and then answer the question. If the answer is not clear, eliminate the wrong answers first and select a correct answer.

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 Analyze Your Errors

While taking the GMAT practice test, it is important to analyze the errors and fix them. For example, if a candidate finds that he/she answers incorrectly because of missing a word, it is essential to fix it. The solution does not lie in reading the passage carefully. The reason is, that all candidates try their best to read the passage carefully. The problem might in fact be the speed of reading the question. Hence, it is important to read the question word by word.

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Earning Your Best-Possible GMAT Verbal Score

After coming up with the right strategy to answer the verbal section a candidate can follow the tips below, It will help the student to perform well in the exam.

  • Sentence Correction-Keep the answers short and avoid ambiguity. Answer in a concise and clear manner. The shorter the answer, the more likely it is going to be correct.
  • Critical Reasoning- It Is best to stick to the facts, and not to add any new information in the answer. Also, the student must know what an answer is supposed to be. For example, a strong answer to a weak question can attack the argument, and a strong answer to a strong question will strengthen the argument.
  • Reading Comprehension – Focus on understanding the passage, and not on memorizing the passage. The GMAT examination tests the understanding of a reading section. Therefore, embrace the inner sceptic while reading an option that sounds word to word from the passage. It is also important not to use extreme words while answering the passage. For example, refrain from using the words should and must.

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How to get 35 in GMAT Verbal?

To score more than 35+ a candidate needs to answer more than 70 questions correctly. That is, out of the 30 questions at least 21/22 questions should be correct. Getting 25-26 questions correct can help a student to score easily more than 35+

Is 40 verbal GMAT good?

Yes. It is best to score 40 or more score in the verbal section. It will help put a candidate at the the top 10% of GMAT test-takers. That is, in terms of the verbal section

Is a 650 GMAT hard?

The average GMAT score of 564.84 was secured by candidates. That is, only 27% of the students can get a score above 650.  Moreover, only 12% of students cross the score 700. Scoring more than 700 in GMAT is considered to be a good score.

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