Best Online Psychology Courses

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Best Online Psychology Courses

The face of learning has changed in 2020, it has been almost a year since students attended physical classes, no one would have anticipated a time like this, but with the help of technology, education has not suffered a lot. Online courses have gained a lot of popularity since there is nowhere to go; students have taken this extra time to harness their skills and learn new things. There are various sites which provide free as well as paid online courses on a wide array of subjects. In this blog, we will be talking about the best online psychology courses in India.

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What is Psychology?

The empirical study of the mind and behaviour is psychology. The mind is extremely complex, and it can be difficult to manage problems that apply to it. Physically, like a skin rash or heart defect, thought patterns, feelings, thoughts, visions, perceptions, and so on cannot be seen. Although it is possible to observe physical signs of certain mental health disorders, such as the plaques that form with Alzheimer’s disease, many psychological hypotheses are focused on human behavior observation. A practicing psychologist will visit patients, carry out interviews and find out what their needs are and what is causing issues, and through counselling and psychotherapy, for example, prescribe or offer medication. These days, psychologists do online consultations, and for students wanting to learn more in the field, there is a list of best online psychology courses.

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Why study Psychology?

Psychology is a fascinating field of research. It will help you understand the behaviour and mental processes of human beings. You probably already know what a fascinating subject it is to research while you are considering studying psychology. Here is a list of reasons why you should take up the available best online psychology courses –

  • A degree in psychology is something that is increasingly respected by employers who appreciate the expertise it offers you in analytics and reasoning.
  • You will complete further graduate training in fields such as organizational psychology, educational psychology, forensic psychology, clinical psychology, counselling psychology and more once you complete your BA Honors in Psychology.

A degree in psychology would not provide you with an utter comprehension of any encounter you have with individuals. The insights you gain about the motives, attitudes and behaviors of people, however, can give you a different perspective about why individuals respond in the ways they do and help you understand people a little better.

You will all gain a deeper understanding of yourself through the insights you gain into motives, thought patterns, the influences of communities you associate with and many other facets of human behaviour.

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Best online psychology courses 

Here is a list of the five best online psychology courses and their duration –

Course Available on  Offered by  Duration Cost
Science of Happiness at Work  edX University of California Four weeks INR 39,818
Developmental and Clinical Psychology  edX University of Queensland Seven months (1-2 hours per week) INR 26,412
Foundations of Positive Psychology Certification Coursera Penn University Four months A monthly subscription of Coursera
Introduction to Psychology Coursera University of Toronto 33 hours A monthly subscription of Coursera
Psychological First Aid Coursera John Hopkins University 6 hours Monthly subscription of Coursera

Science of Happiness at Work 

This exclusive psychology curriculum is a highly recommended course and is one of the best online psychology courses for all those who want to learn great techniques based on studies that will reserve your satisfaction at work. The teacher will teach you how the workplace benefits from happiness. If you want to know the meaning of collaborative, trustworthy and constructive relationships at work, then you can enter this class. It includes the subjects of social science and business & management. The best part is that all the video lectures concentrate on up-to-date scientific research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and industry.

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Developmental and Clinical Psychology

Conducted by the University of Queensland, this is another best online psychology course which will give you a greater understanding of clinical, social and developmental psychology. It covers a broad range of topics, including data analysis & statistics, research, biology & life sciences, and social sciences. You will come to know about the human mind and its actions in social settings throughout the programme. If you want to understand the creation of human minds and bodies, then this is the ideal curriculum. You can learn what common psychiatric problems are and how you should handle them by the end of the tutorial.

Foundations of Positive Psychology Certification

Yet another online tutorial on the list of best online psychology courses, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, is specially designed to help you develop a solid foundation for positive psychology. It is suitable for beginner-level learners. The teachers will teach you how to implement resilience techniques into professional and personal lives. To develop your skills, the course contains a lot of quizzes, videos and readings. The best thing is that it is a programme that is self-paced. You will learn a number of abilities by the end of the class, such as study methods, target settings, gratitude and resilience.

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Introduction to Psychology

The human mind is in itself a subject. This Psychology Overview course is among the best online psychology courses available. It will offer fascinating insights into human nature and how our environment impacts our choices. This course has now enrolled more than 200,000 people. This course contains many subjects ranging from the mechanism of consciousness to memory and mental illness. Our environments affect us, and all these facets of human behavior will be illustrated in the course. You will study the science of psychology and the basic principles of clinical psychology in addition to this.

Psychological First Aid

This psychology course will include an understanding of how to use first aid in cases of psychological distress. The definition of the RAPID model covering Reflective listening, need evaluation, Prioritization, Action, and Temperament, will be taught by those who enroll. In coping with psychiatric disorders, such as rehabilitation from an accident or death, suicidal thoughts or abuse, this model may be used, etc. As well as a preventive measure, you can use the strategies built here for self-care or support your loved ones to solve tough circumstances.

There are many more such courses on the internet which cumulatively form the best online psychology courses. 2020 has been tough but these online courses are making sure that education does not take a setback. Not only psychology, but there are also online courses on literally everything starting from cooking, languages, coding, business, finance and so many more.

We hope this blog has given you sufficient information on the best online psychology courses available, however, if you are still confused contact our team of experts at Leverage Edu to get proper guidance.

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  1. More information about course Developmental and Clinical Psychology edX University of Queensland Seven months (1-2 hours per week) INR 26,412

    1. Hi Jumma!

      Please connect with our experts for personalised guidance on this number- 1800572000! All the best!

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