Types of People You Meet Studying Abroad

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Types of People You Meet Studying Abroad

Studying abroad will be a complete life change for you. It will be a new life and a new beginning. This experience will allow you to meet new and different people from around the world. The people you will meet abroad may belong to a different culture and ethnicity. Personality is a reflection of human behaviour while studying abroad youtube will meet people with varying or similar personalities as yours. This will be your chance to build global networks, make new friends and basically have your typical main-character experience. 


The following are some of the types of people you are likely to meet studying abroad:


In today’s time, almost everyone is an influencer, the one you see going live on Instagram and Youtube, making reels, and creating content for social media. People like influencers have great social skills but their best friends are on their phones and social media apps on them. And if you share the same interest then I guess you will make great friends in the influencers club. 

The Nerds

If partying is way too noisy and boring for you and studying is your forte then welcome to the nerd gang of your university or college. Books are a man’s best friend and if you took that literally then I guess you will have some great study sessions in the nerds’ group, share your ideas, and knowledge and will probably come up with a new app or start-up idea every day. 

The Populars

The belonging to this group will need no introduction, you will just know about them within the first week. The popular club members belong to various fields including sports, music, academics or good looks. And if you like to be the talk of the town and love attention, you will most definitely find a match in this group.

The Homesick One

There is always one student whose brain is studying abroad but their heart is with their family in their home country.  The one who frequently video calls, and chats with their loved ones back at home. They probably miss everything about their homes and are constantly reminiscing their memories with their family and friends. And if you are of a similar spectrum, maybe you can be great friends with each other and have a strong and dependable relationship. 

The Party Animals

Occasion or no occasion, party animals just need an opportunity to plan a party or attend one. Parties are what make college life fun and add adventures to it. They are generally social butterflies who get along with everyone and always have good and astonishing stories to share. And if parties are your play game then you will most definitely be the life of a party with your party group.

A know it All

Every institution has one of those know it all people who are always ready to spit out a fact whether asked or not. They are the “Hermoine granger” of the group. They will bore you with their knowledge sometimes but will mostly have a solution to your academic problems. And if you also need a study-reliant buddy, gel up well with a know it all. 

The Dramatic

The one who is always lost in some series or movie and always knows the plot of them. They will definitely encourage you to get subscriptions to many OTT platforms. Dramatics live in their own make-believe world and that is how they cope with real life. And if you meet someone reflecting the main character’s energy, they are the dramatics of the institution and if you love this fictional world reference then you are one of the potential members of the dramatic club. 

Well, people are certainly interesting characters, you just need a perspective to see them. People you meet studying abroad are definitely going to be the ones you will remember for a certain period of time and will provide a new experience. And if you are interested in studying abroad, contact Leverage Edu your study abroad, experts 

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