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Has it always been your dream to fly a plane? A lot of students dream of becoming a professional private pilot and a lot of them want to fulfil their dream by getting a private pilot license from a university abroad. Do you have many questions in your mind regarding this topic? We have your back. Let’s solve all your questions in this blog and give you access to all the details of a private pilot license.

Course Type Certification 
Admission Based on merit, aptitude and physical examination
Duration 06 to 08 months 
Job Position Offered Co-pilot, Test Pilot, Commuter Pilot, Chief Pilot, First Officer
Course FeeDifferent for different countries (In India 3-12 Lakhs)

What Is A Private Pilot License

The private pilot license is a program or a certification course that aviation institutes offer to the students which usually lasts for the duration of 6 to 8 months. It is a type of educational program particularly for students interested in buying individual planes or are true flying devotees. The program covers several theory and practical topics that are essential in flying within the duration of 6 to 8 months, depending upon the institute. The course is initiated by the learning of a single-engine aeroplane flying and the function of aircraft, later all the other end-to-end functioning and flying are taught. Several requirements are also considered from the student’s end to gain this license. Below are the details of all the requirements and eligibility, etc.

private pilot license
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Private Pilot License Elligibility

The following are the eligibility requirements that need to be fulfilled before applying for an aviation institute:

  • The applicant must have qualified their 10th from a recognised board
  • The applicant must be physically fit and must meet health standards as given by the Director General Of Civil Aviation (DGCA)
  • The applicant must have excellent knowledge of mathematics and physics
  • The applicant must be the age 17 or above, no ages below 17 will be considered

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Private Pilot Course Admission Process

If you meet the eligibility criteria, and pass the eligibility screening, the following would be the application process for the private pilot licence in any university:

  • The applicant needs to select an admission school where they want to apply
  • The online application needs to be made by the submission of all the documents.
  • An aptitude test that will be conducted by the chosen university will need to be cleared
  • The shortlisted candidates based on the aptitude test score will be asked for further medical tests of grade 2 
  • The admission will be considered based on the medical test and other test scores
  • If the admission is confirmed and an offer letter has been offered, the further visa and accommodation process can be taken forward.

Benefits Of Taking A Private Pilot Course

The private pilot licencing has several benefits which attract a lot of devoted flyers towards it, the following are the benefits of taking a private pilot licensing program:

  • The license allows individuals to take charge of private planes for private sports
  • The license can be utilised for the purpose of entertainment and shooting
  • It can be used as a form of side interest and fulfil the desire to fly without being a commercial pilot
  • The licence can help individuals to apply for the jobs in government and private sectors if required and earn a whopping amount of money
  • It gives a special kind of recognition and a sense of achievement to an individual

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Universities Abroad That Provide Private Pilot Licenses

Below is the list of universities in different countries that provide the best aviation education and private pilot licence courses:

private pilot license
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The following is the list of top aviation universities in the UK:

University Fee 
Imperial College London, London38,250 GBP
University of Glasgow, Glasgow30,780 GBP
University of Leeds, Leeds27,500 GBP
Loughborough university, Loughborough 28,600 GBP
City, University of London, London19,770 GBP

The following is the list of top aviation universities in the US:

University Fee
Stanford University, Stanford48,453 USD
California Institute Of Technology, Pasadena 60,816 USD
Purdue University, West Lafayette24,953 USD
Ohio State University, Columbus41,293 USD
Arizona State University, Tempe32,160 USD

The following is the list of top aviation universities in Canada:

University Fee
University of Waterloo, Waterloo 550,000 CAD
Mount Alison University, Calgary20,210 CAD
Royal Military College Of Canada, Kingston8,280 CAD
Mount Royal University, Calgary25,698 CAD
University of Fraser Valley, Abbotsford11,098 CAD

The following is the list of top aviation universities in Australia:

University Fee
The University Of Sydney, Sydney53,500 ASD
University Of New South Wales 32,150 ASD
Swinburne University Of Technology, Melbourne15,494 ASD
Griffith University, Brisbane40,375 ASD
RMIT University, Melbourne 53,120 ASD

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The following is the list of top aviation universities in Germany:

University Fee
Saarland University of Applied Sciences, Saarbrucken592 EUR
Worms University of Applied Sciences, Worms30,700 EUR
City University of Applied Sciences, Bremen380 EUR
IU, International University of Applied Sciences- Online, Bad Honnef2,309 EUR


Is there career scope after getting a private pilot license?

The scope of your career is good after acquiring a private pilot licence. The licence holders can apply for both government and private jobs and earn a good salary. There are also a lot of different positions that can be chosen from.

What can I do after getting a private pilot license?

After completing your program for a private pilot license, you can go for the following courses:
B.Sc Aviation
BBA Aviation 
Diploma in Aviation

What salary can I expect in India after gaining a private pilot license?

If you have a private pilot license and are successful in securing a job, you can make an average income of around 10 to 30 Lakh a year.

These are all the details about the Private Pilot License, comment below if you have any doubts or reviews. To read more such informative blogs on jobs and salary-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below for any suggestions or doubts.

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