Top Hangout Spots Near University of Colorado Boulder

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The University of Colorado is surrounded by numerous historical and cultural places. In addition, the beautiful landscape of the City of Boulder has several gems to look forward to. The neighbourhood of this university also has numerous museums and planetariums for individuals interested in space and beyond. Additionally, the artistic background of the city gives access to several art forms like literary and film festivals, concerts, and theatrical performances. Keep reading to know more about top hangout spots near the University of Colorado Boulder.


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Top Hangout Spots Near University of Colorado Boulder

Fiske Planetarium

Credit: University of Colorado Boulder

Fiske offers a wide variety of full-dome films, concerts, star talks, theatrical productions, laser fantasy, live talks, and liquid sky music shows. In addition, the planetarium also hosts huge public gatherings during conjunctions, eclipses, and other celestial events. One of the most popular events at this 1975 planetarium is a large student and public gatherings to view NASA landings and launches. Moreover, this place is an excellent spot for students interested in star gazing as the observatory offers open houses all around the year. 

The appealing infrastructure of this planetarium offers an immersive experience for people interested in celestial events. Fiske features a dome with a 65-foot diameter, an 8K Sky-Scan projection system, and a Megastar projector. At any given time, this observatory can host 200 guests.

Address: 2414 Regent Drive, Boulder, CO 80309

Distance from University of Colorado: 0.5 km

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Boulder Falls

Credit: Fat Man Little Trail

Situated to the right of Boulder Canyon Drive, Boulder Falls is a mighty and magnificent waterfall. It is an easy and short walk, often used as a picnic spot. Students can pack a quick lunch and enjoy it on the cool rocks near the waterfall and enjoy the natural beauty of the fall. Also referred to as “Yosemite of Boulder Canyon”, Boulder Falls is accessed through a parking space near Boulder Canyon Drive or Highway 119. This aesthetically pleasing fall is surrounded by nearly 5 acres of mining land, which was granted to the City of Boulder by the co-founder of Norwest Bank, formerly known as Buckingham Brothers Bank,- Charles G. Buckingham. 

Address: 1777 Broadway Boulder, CO 80302

Distance from University of Colorado: 14 km

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National Center for Atmospheric Research

Credit: CBS News

The National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) organises tours for visitors willing to enjoy exhibits on art-science relations, weather, atmospheres, Sun, and climate. These exhibits are displayed in the I.M. Pei-designed building of this research centre. In addition, guided tours of the campus are organised on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:00 noon. Students can also opt for a phone tour, termed as Guide-By-Cell audio. Furthermore, NCAR also conducts regular group tours for the general public, including a wheelchair-accessible outdoor weather trail. 

The Mesa Lab of the National Center for Atmospheric Research is located in the beautiful surroundings of Boulder, Colorado, right by the Rocky Mountains. The Mesa Lab Visitor Center, accessible to everyone throughout the week, provides modern displays, diverse public tour choices, and tailored school field trips, all free of cost.

Address: 3090 Center Green Drive, Boulder, CO 80301

Distance from University of Colorado: 6 km

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Colorado Chautauqua

Credit: Tripadvisor

Part of the 26 National Historic Landmarks of the US, Colorado Chautauqua is regarded as the Western representation of the “Chautauqua Movement”, which swept the country in the 19th and 20th centuries. This historical monument has its structures intact and has been operational since its construction. This place offers attractive accommodations in its historic lodges and cottages. Other venues at this location include its general store, outdoor and indoor meeting space, and majestic age-old dining hall. Moreover, Colorado Chautauqua gives easy access to 40 miles of hiking trails. After a wonderful hike, students can engage in a game of pickup, frisbee, pickleball, or tennis. 

Additionally, thousands of acres of the open area of this monument is an excellent space to relax and enjoy nature. To enjoy the wonderful scenery of this historical place, visitors can engage in rafting, tubing, climbing, or horseback riding. On weekends, students can relish multiple concerts and events at this western Chautauqua. The marvellous Colorado Music Festival and Summer Concert Series organised at the Colorado Chautauqua Auditorium are world-famous. These acoustic events attract people from all across the country and the world. 

Address: 900 Baseline Road, Boulder, CO 80302

Distance from University of Colorado: 1.6 km

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Front Range Anglers

Credit: Travel Boulder

Front Range Anglers is a fly shop situated on the historical Pearl Street, located at the base of the stunning Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. Their primary services include guided fly fishing trips for trout throughout Boulder and the entire Front Range region. Their expertise also lies in organizing fly fishing excursions into Rocky Mountain National Park, where anglers have the opportunity to catch the beautiful greenback cutthroat trout. Additionally, their Adventure Travel Program, influenced by their owner Antonio Rodrigues’ passion for travel, has earned them a strong reputation for hosting and arranging fishing trips to various exciting destinations such as Christmas Island, New Zealand, Iceland, British Columbia, Alaska, Australia, Belize, Mexico, Bahamas, and more.

Address: 2344 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302

Distance from University of Colorado: 1.5 km


What are top 5 hangout spaces near University of Colorado Boulder?

Students of the University of Colorado Boulder can hang out at Fiske Planetarium, Boulder Falls, Colorado Chautauqua, National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Front Range Anglers.

What are fun activities near University of Colorado Boulder?

Students can observe NASA launches and celestial events at Fiske Planetarium, go for a picnic at Boulder Falls, and spend their time fishing at Front Range Anglers.

Which is the closest science museums near University of Colorado Boulder?

Students can visit Fiske Planetarium and National Center for Atmospheric Research.

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