Best Restaurants Near Seattle University

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Best Restaurants near Seattle University

In terms of academic standing, Seattle University has continuously been listed among the best colleges and institutions by the Wall Street Journal and many other ranking analysts. Parts of Capitol Hill, First Hill, and the Central District lie inside the campus boundary of Seattle University. Because of this, there are several excellent eateries around. Since it receives thousands of international students each year, it is only logical that the student population would constantly hunt for nearby attractions to check out and hang out around the university campus as well as ways to take a break from their regular studies. In order to save you time, we have created a list of the best restaurants near Seattle University in this blog. To learn more about the same, keep reading. 


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6 Best Restaurants Near Seattle University

The Taste of India

Best Restaurants near Seattle University
Source: Tripdadvisor

Taste of India is one of the popular restaurants near Seattle University. It provides a broad variety of Indian food. The butter chicken is especially deserving of your attention; it serves the perfect quantity of food for two people, with a creamy sauce that is the ideal blend of acidic and sweet. The aloo gobi, okra masala, and Tandoori prawns are all delicious.

Address: 5517 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Distance: 2.8 Kms from the Seattle University

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Rhein Haus

Source: Tagvenue.com

A (good) fraternity party at a German biergarten is how Rhein Haus makes you feel. Bring a group of friends for a night of bocce, chicken schnitzel sliders, handmade pretzels, tiny brat rolls, and beer. Birthday parties and other outdoor daytime gatherings are ideal here. Come and take some of the most incredible moments with you.

Address: 912 12th Ave, Seattle

Distance: 0.1 Km from the Seattle University

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8oz Burger and Co.

Best Restaurants near Seattle University
Source: Trpadvisor

The 8 Oz. Burger Bar masters the art of making a restaurant appear like a scene from a country music video. A retro turquoise ice chest that serves as the host stand and is decorated with antique beer cans, an old sign that may have belonged to a local store on the side of a gravel road, and other items. All of the burgers, which are half-pound patties, are delicious and sloppy. You should also have the green tea nutella milkshake if you order it with some onion rings, fries, or short rib poutine.

Address: 1401 Broadway, Seattle Corner of Union & Broadway

Distance: 0.4 kms from the Seattle University

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Source: Bateau Restaurant

If you’re not a vegetarian, this restaurant is the ideal venue to celebrate your graduation. The dining area has a garden party atmosphere thanks to the slate tables, white chandeliers, and elegant china, yet the display window of raw beef torsos keeps things gritty. In addition, the cuisine is outstanding, from the flawless steaks to the sides like tallow-drenched french fries.

Address: 1040 E Union St 

Distance: 0.3 Kms from the Seattle University

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Cedars in Capitol Hill

Best Restaurants near Seattle University
Source: Cedars Restaurants

Indian and Mediterranean cuisine are both available on the menu at Cedars, a small fast-casual restaurant. You can eat samosas and falafel simultaneously. Pick up some butter chicken to get the taste of armatic spices. When you need some take-out restaurants for a house party, this is the ideal location to consider. Excellent for date nights and weekend dinners. 

Address: 818 E Pike St

Distance: 0.5 Kms from the Seattle University

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Source: Eater Seattle

L’Oursin is a perfect place for date nights, casual dinner and birthday parties. The aesthetically beautiful decor and friendly staff is one of the reasons why students visit this restaurant frequently. With delicious seafood, natural wine, and positive vibes fueled by sunny marigold walls, enjoy the evening with your friends.

Address: 1315 E Jefferson St Between 13th and 14th Avenues

Distance: 0.5 kms from Seattle University.

All of these restaurants are ideal for creating memories with friends while offering you with unforgettable dinning experiences, whether you’re planning a romantic night or a casual evening with your buddies. 


Does Seattle have a good food scene?

Seattle is arguably one of the best food cities in the United States. 

What food is Seattle famous for?

Seattle is famous for salmon, coffee, and oysters.

Is Seattle a foodie town?

Seattle is the 7th best foodie town. 

This was all about the best restaurants near Seattle University. Follow Leverage Edu for more interesting content on student life abroad. 

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