Best Restaurants Near The University of Western Australia

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Australia has become one of the most popular places to study abroad. Numerous well-known colleges known for their academic excellence are found in Australia. In addition to its tourist attractions, Australia is renowned for its stellar cuisine as well. Many of you would agree that dining every day at the college mess may be very boring at times. After a while, it gets monotonous too. It’s so much fun to hang out with friends and explore new cafés and restaurants when you’re a college student. We will provide you with a list of the best restaurants near the University of Western Australia. Continue reading to find out!


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6 Best Restaurants Near The University of Western Australia

Bayside Kitchen

Source: Tripadvisor

A whole new restaurant called Bayside Kitchen provides cuisine from morning till evening and is renowned for its outstanding coffee and sandwiches. Due to its affordable pricing and convenient location to the university campus, this cafe is a wonderful choice for students. The staff is reputed to be quite nice, and the cuisine is fantastic. 

Distance from the University: 0.3 Kms

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The University Club of Western Australia

Source: Tripadvisor

On campus, here is where you should be if you want to eat. The University Club, which is conveniently on campus, is the place to go for elegant evenings. If students want to go out and have some fun dressing up for the evening, they have a wide variety of cuisine options to pick from.

Distance from the University: 0.2 Kms

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Rocket Fuel Coffee Roasters

Source: Urban List

Students and residents may have breakfast, brunch, and lunch at this cafe-restaurant. This visually appealing eatery is nearby the university and is ideal for your Instagram stories. The café is renowned for its exceptional accommodation for any allergies or dietary preferences, such as vegetarianism. There are stories that they provide Western Australia’s greatest coffee. 

Distance from the University: 0.6 Kms

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Varsity Bar- Nedlands

Source: Varsity

This local pub is very close to campus and is the place to be when it comes to nightlife. Students come here on the weekends to meet up with friends and have a good time. Aside from the nightlife bar scene, their food is said to be amazing and the pool can be played while hanging out too!

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The Acai Corner

Source: Tripadvisor

Acai heaven is exactly what it sounds like—the Acai Corner! This café uses only organic, locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that are as healthy as possible. Everything on the menu is delicious and free of gluten, dairy, soy, and other allergens.

Distance from the University: 3.5 Kms 

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Gusto Food

 Source: The Food Pornographer

This brunch spot is a must-visit small treasure in south Perth. It could be difficult to decide amongst all the mouthwatering foods available. Popular for its tea lattes, avocado eggs, and many flavoured drinks. Many students find this location to be ideal for hanging out and eating, especially when considering proximity and price. 

Distance from the University: 3.2 Kms

Every dining establishment has its own speciality and particular allure. No matter what you choose to do, get ready for Instagram-worthy locations and delectable food. Don’t forget to make lifelong memories with your friends. 


Ques: What food is Western Australia famous for?

Ans: Western Australia is popular for seafood bounties- barramundi is a favourite in Kimberley, Mandurah is known for its crabs and the area around Indian Ocean Drive is known for rock lobster.

Ques: How many cafes are there in Western Australia? 

Ans: There are more than 601 Cafes in Western Australia as on July 2023

Ques: Which Indian food is popular in Australia?

Ans: Butter Chicken and Veg Korma are quite popular in Australia.

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