Best Restaurants Near Cambridge Univesity

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The popularity of the UK is vast amongst international students, especially the students who are planning to complete their higher education at Cambridge University. Regarded as one of the most popular universities in the world, Cambridge is home to numerous attractions, including bars, pubs, and eateries. Many students don’t know that Cambridge is a hotspot for foodies. If you explore the alleyways and streets of Cambridge, you will be shocked to know how many restaurants and eateries are available there. 


Whether you want to experience fine dining or want to want Italian food, you will find best restaurants near Cambridge University that would make you taste heaven. Without further ado, let’s continue with the list. 

The Ivy Cambridge Brasserie

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Ivy Cambridge is one of the best restaurants near Cambridge University. If you’re a fan of the British menu and want to experience how British food tastes like, you should consider paying a visit to this restaurant. Located at 16 Trinity St, City Centre, the Ivy Cambridge Brasserie is the perfect choice for students who want to experience high-quality food with an eye-catching atmosphere. The restaurant provides additional services such as a bar, cocktails, lounge, beer, etc. If you want to have brunch, this place will undoubtedly prove perfect for you. 

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Bill’s Restaurant and Bar – Cambridge

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Bill’s Cambridge restaurants near Cambridge University have a distinct atmosphere. Tucked away on a quiet back street, the restaurant expands inside like a Tardis, with a bar, a library, a large open dining area and a private dining space. Expect vivid colour, warm corners, and plenty of quirkiness in this newly renovated space. Bill’s serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between.

Located at 34-35 Green Street, buttermilk chicken burger and mini cinnamon doughnuts are two of the most popular dishes you can find here. Keep in mind that you need to book your seat in advance. 

The Orator 

Source: Cambridge News

Located at Round Church Street, this is one of the best restaurants near Cambridge University. You should definitely visit the Orator if you’re in Cambridge for study purposes. Nothing beats The Orator’s contemporary British cuisine, cocktails, beer, and wine. Set in a gorgeous Victorian Gothic setting with lofty ceilings and abundant natural light.

They can provide private dinners for up to 20 people in their private dinner Room, which has previously hosted guests of the Cambridge Union Society such as Dua Lipa and Robert de Niro. For larger gatherings, they have a variety of rooms available around the facility to accommodate any event. The Orator Burger and the Spicy Burger are two signature dishes you can find at Orator. The restaurant also has a beer garden and a cocktail counter to soothe your cravings. 

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Pint Shop

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As an international student, it’s hard to control the temptation of British food. Whether you want an English breakfast or a full-course British dinner along with some great British beers and other types of Scotch and cocktails, you should not miss having your belly full at the Pint Shop. 

Not only their British dish is very simple but also gets a whole new level of addition, thanks to the availability of various beers, especially Guinness. Don’t forget to try the double patty cheeseburger with a pint of Guinness. 

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Pho Cambridge

Source: Cambridge Edition 

Pho, located on Wheeler Street in the heart of Cambridge, is a healthy Vietnamese restaurant that specialises in pho noodle soup, Vietnam’s national dish. Aside from pho, expect to find delicious appetisers, nutritious salads, substantial rice bowls, and sumptuous curries. They provide a variety of freshly produced juices, as well as Vietnamese beers and a comprehensive wine and drink menu. The menu at Pho is 40% vegan and virtually totally gluten-free. They also feature a kid-friendly menu where kids may grab a meal and a drink for £6.95. The restaurant might get crowded in the evening, but the vibe will be worth the wait. 


Where do Cambridge students eat?

Cambridge students prefer eating in different eateries and restaurants to try out new foods and cuisines. 

Does Cambridge University have good food?

The University of Cambridge has a great history of rich food as well as a collection of different types of wines. 

What do you wear to a Cambridge dinner?

As a Cambridge student, you need to wear a suit and a dress to dinner. 

This is everything you need to know about the best restaurants near Cambridge University. If you need more information, make sure you follow us. Don’t forget to contact us or visit our Leverage Edu website if you need help with your study abroad program. 

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